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OpenDisc: Versatile Open Source Solution

OpenDisc, a compilation of open source software, is a potential solution to the lack in open source software compilations for the Windows operating system which allows a better range of alternative software for users that are mostly having concerns regarding the prices of retail software. However, since OpenDisc is supposed to be a complete package, but at the same time is generally of no cost, concerns regarding its included applications, license, and support are raised in terms of the common user.

Therefore, in this sense OpenDisc is evaluated in relation to the points of concern mentioned, in order to establish whether it is indeed a potential alternative to combine assortments of retail software. Bundled Applications The first and most important aspect to consider in terms of software is the function and the needs that the software will be able to satisfy.

In terms of the OpenDisc, the general need for applications in almost all aspects is considered as a result of a holistic approach towards providing open source software solutions. In fact, the OpenDisc compilation contains applications for design, games, internet, multimedia, productivity, as well as other additional utilities (“Programs”). In this sense, OpenDisc truly aims to satisfy most, if not all, the software needs that a common individual may consider.

Under the design category, it is rather impressive to see that not only are common graphic editing taken into consideration with the inclusion of GIMP and Paint, but even 3D graphic modeling has been taken into account with the presence of Blender (“Design”). As for internet applications, it was quite expected that Firefox is included in the compilation as it is arguably one of the most popular and most functional browsers, serving as an alternative to Internet Explorer (“Internet”).

Another notable inclusion in the compilation is OpenOffice, which is highly considered by many due to the high cost of mainstream document processing software; also included is GnuCash which is an advance application for those concerned with finance and accounting (“Productivity”). Other notable applications have been included such as an open source media player, pdf document reader, and even archive compression tools. Open Source License Aside from the programs that are selected to be included in the compilation, another important aspect to consider is the software license.

Usually, in terms of retail software, license is indeed an issue as the common terms and conditions in purchasing entails that there should only be a one-to-one correspondence between the license acquired and the individual that purchased it. Thus in this sense, one may not freely copy the program and distribute it among peers for use. In contrast, open source software, such as those included in OpenDisc may be freely distributed. According to the Creative Commons 3.

0 License, sharing and adapting the software under such license agreement can be freely conducted as long as proper credit is given to the developers of the software (“Creative Commons – Attribution 3. 0 Unported”). In this sense, not only individuals that have OpenDisc can distribute and install it anywhere it is needed without the need of purchasing additional licenses or acquiring the permission of the developers; rather, users may also modify or integrate parts of the software according to their aims as long as due credit is given.

Hence, this implies that anyone with the need of using a myriad of software or applications for various purposes but not having enough funds to purchase retail counterparts are mainly benefited by the open source license because they can acquire the software through any means, install, and use it without any legal repercussions. Community Support Having such an assortment of programs without any strictly binding licenses are two positive points pertaining to the use of OpenDisc.

However, the concerns of support are often raised in consideration of open source software as it is commonly believed that a significant amount of what is paid for in retail software is the continuous technical support. The main rebuttal to this concern is that open source software are often the product of collaborating individuals in internet based communities. In this sense, technical support and other questions regarding OpenDisc may be addressed through the official forums (“Forums”).

In more specific terms however, one cannot expect to solve all possible problems through the OpenDisc forums because there are definitely a lot of software included in the compilation. Hence, it is important to keep in mind that the production of each open source application most often entails the presence of a community focused on its development; and in this sense, the official forums for each of the application may serve as a better source of answers to potential problems that users may face. Conclusion

As previously mentioned, numerous concerns are often raised when the use of open source software is mentioned, even more so when using numerous open source software in tandem is considered. However, as discussed, key points of concern such as in terms of assortment of applications, license, and support are all addressed and potentially solved in relation to OpenDisc. Therefore, it is important to note that the presence of OpenDisc, along with the included applications, is a significant step in increasing the reach of useful software.

This is applicable both to those capable and incapable of purchasing retail software as it is a well-rounded solution to various computer based needs while still having the freedom to be distributed freely, as well as solve technical issues through collaboration. Works Cited “Creative Commons – Attribution 3. 0 Unported. ” Creative Commons Website. n. d. 10 June 2009 <http://creativecommons. org/licenses/by/3. 0/>. “Design”. OpenDisc Official Website. n. d.

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