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Outline for essay

The art of writing an essay is by far the most difficult of arts to practice especially for those who are still not mature enough to perceive instinctively the full implications of the subject matter of the compositions that they are called upon to attempt. In fact, one can master the art of writing an essay only with his mental height, clarity of thought and command over language. All these qualities are born qualities to a great extent. But of course, with constant practice one can easily acquire or develop these qualities.

Every essay should contain the following three divisions or parts: (a) The Beginning (b) The Body (c) The End The beginning must be very attractive. It must catch the deep attraction or the sincere impression/attention of the reader to read the balance. We can use striking quotations of the eminent personalities and the bits of poems here. The reader must get a brief summary or an abridgment of the subject discussed. Body of the essay is that part of the essay in which we explain and elaborate the salient and significant faces of the topic.

Here we must exhibit our skill and capacity to convince the reader our point of view. It is mainly intended to enable the reader to gain knowledge of the main features of the subject we deal with. Here, of course, we have to make a sound judgment and accurate discrimination regarding the essential and superfluous features of the subject. The ending is that portion of the essay where the final touches are given and where we bring our reader to a definite conclusion. We must be very careful in reaching the conclusion because wrong conclusions may mislead many readers, especially pre-mature readers.

They may draw or take wrong decisions by considering the misleading directions or conclusions of the essay. Packing the essay with ideas and arguments is not enough. It must be made presentable to the readers. Our language must be as impressive as possible. Using of difficult words would not increase the beauty of writing. The language used in the essay must be very simple and attractive. The sentences constructed must show a certain sharpness of purpose. Simple words must surely be used.

Because simple words emphasize thought and hard words emphasize sound; which is of secondary importance. The construction of sentences should be direct simple and this means that the thought put therein must also be straight and simple. The ability to prepare a good and informative essay is of great benefit to the reader or to its possessor. The art of making poetic sentences with beautiful words that we studied is a gifted talent. No doubt, our writings should provide dreaming thoughts to the young generation.

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