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Outline of the Research Plan

A. Is welfare reform working to the point where the system is functioning as it should; i. e. , are the people who are legitimately entitled to benefits the ones who are receiving them, will demand for welfare benefits outpace available resources given the current financial crunch, and whether or not the welfare system is encouraging dependence on the system itself. II. Primary Purpose

A. Additionally, this research aims to explore whether or not the welfare system discriminates against the minorities who often need more benefits than other groups.

B. The main thesis of the research is that welfare reform must work properly if the system is to adequately serve the needs of truly qualified applicants for benefits.

C. The tentative thesis of the research is that the welfare system is in need of additional reforms, as those whom it should serve the most are often underserved by the system.

D. The theory being tested by the research is the theory that for all good intentions, the reform of the welfare system has come up short in many areas.

III. Prior Beliefs, Assumptions, Preconceptions, Ideas or Prejudices A. Childhood experiences of the researcher’s family not receiving legitimate benefits due to abuses of the system by others has influenced the choice of this topic and the theories presented therein. Works Cited Kimble, L. (2005).

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