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Naturalism is an outgrowth of realism which is defined literal terms as the subjects’ original depiction just as they seem in day to day life without branding or interpretation. This is an art that pays attention to very specific details and brings out things as they are with no alterations whatsoever. It is said that naturalism is limited to time and place but it timeless. This is due to the fact that artists or writers that uphold the naturalist perspective embrace a belief in the essence of producing works that tend to echo the visible world as closely as possible.

Naturalism really speaking, originated from France but later spread to the other parts of the world. It was however more embraced and accepted in the USA where the writers upheld and used it vigorously in their literal works. Naturalism is a literal genre that started being adopted and used in the early period then it further developed through the entire period of time. Naturalism having originated from the French literal scholar was widely adopted and used in the USA and it’s envious to write compact articles addressing various issues that pertain to humanity and the environment.

In the use of naturalism, a writer often expounds on the characters found in his/her work as if they’re bound and dominated by their surrounding atmosphere, heredity, opportunity and instinct. Subsequently in this bid, the writer also suggests a compensating human value in his/her characters or their ends which clearly maintains the importance of the person/character in that particular kind of work. Naturalism is important as clearly indicated by the American literal field participants in their works. Its use helps over to be able to perceive identify the revelation of narrative features in particular work.

Subsequently, it aids the readers to get a clear understanding of issues being addressed by the writer as it brings out proper indications by happenings in the story. Naturalism also stimulates critical thinking in regard to the issued addressed in a particular work In Paul Laurence Dunbar’s novel, ‘The sports of the Gods’ are generally concluded to be a naturalist novel there is to a big extent, use of naturalism. Dunbar has widely used naturalism to tell a classic story of a family absorbed in the southern into Harlem with a way of life seemingly proves quite uneasy to the family on later incidences.

The tries to bring out he struggles the family experiences in an attempt to survive and prosper in this place. In this book, naturalism is depicted when the initial lifestyle that the Hamilton’s family had before. The unfortunate occurrences that brought about change in this family, is brought to a sudden change. The description given about Berry and Fannie before and after their marriage even as servants in the Oakley’s home where they reside in a little cottage given to them by their master naturally gives any render a clear view of some African-American lifestyles though few of this caliber.

An idea of harmony and co-existence between African-Americans who happen to be slaves and there masters is depicted even as the Hamilton’s live in the cottage given, to them by the Oakley who the masters. Naturalism is secondly depicted in the incidence where Berry Hamilton is falsely and awkwardly suspected, arrested, accused and charged with robbery by his master Maurice. Loss of confidence in the slaves b the masters is evidenced by the words of Maurice to his brother frank that ‘The negroes are becoming less faithful and less contented.

’ Conclusively the nature of happenings could be naturally absorbed hence stimulating once feelings towards such a king of action Through naturalism urban degradation if clearly brought out. This is made clear when the Hamilton’s move to new York and are disappointed as life become words that thy expected as they moved after the father who is the head of this family has gone to prison after false charges are pressed on him. They find that New York life they’d been promised is not to be at all. With no choice left they have to be gradually absorbed into the city’s influence.

Naturalism in this case provides the scenario of the family’s status at this point to time. Naturally, there is change in the family status in this case Berry has been imprisoned and so fannies is to obligated to play double roles in the family that is leading it and maintaining their family. This family does not have a house and it’s his homeless state every aspect has to change including economic organization, economically it can straight be perceived that Fannie has to work extremely hard to sustain the family on a daily basis (Dunbar, 1998).

This state of being and quest for survival of the Hamilton’s family , crystal-clearly brings out the use of naturalism is a bid to show the difficulties that the family goes through, the ones the family succumbs to and even the ones that it is able to face and defeat. After the father’s imprisonment the family is put into task to look for where to stay. Unfortunately enough, even the big service to the Oakley’s don’t count anything to them. This family experiences pain after all these occurrences and despite heading to the city they are not healed as in this city, blacks are not wanted by; the whites who are also occupants in this very city.

Naturalism has been used to depict pain, frustration, rejection disillusion in the family faces. Naturalism generally brings out restriction of a social space faced by African American in America. Conclusively, naturalism is depicted whereby in the end, the Hamilton parents head back to south with nothing at hand and nowhere to turn to and start life all over again. One of their children is dead and the other has decided to take a different path of life in the northern part hence parting ways with her parents.

Naturally there is a feeling of disillusionment, overall loss, hopelessness and despair that even the reader feels as he/she reads the content. Naturalism has been widely used by the author of ‘The sports of the God’ as almost every occurrence in his work is naturally impacting to the reader. A reader can feel it really even without imagination. He therefore agitates emotional touch on the reader by; use of his narrative ability through the use of naturalism. Reference Dunbar. (1998). the Sport of the Gods. Signet classic. Tomasi, M. (2000). American literature. NY: Oxford publishers.

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