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Patho-physiology Response

With the high rates of the obesity being experienced in the United States, it happens that there are also increased cases of coronary artery disease. As the author writes in this article, most of the causes of this disease are associated with the modifiable risk factors such as smoking, high cholesterol and hypertension, stress and obesity. The author has also clearly spelt out some of the steps that should be taken in order to prevent coronary artery disease which is known to claim a sizeable portion of the population in the United States.

However, the author tells us that there has been a decrease in cases of coronary artery disease as a lot of people are now adopting healthier lifestyles. While it can be argued that the author has clearly presented the causes and the risk factors that are associated with coronary artery disease, it can also be argued that the author only looks at the general situation of the disease and gives no accurate information on the statistics of the disease. In addition, the author mainly focuses on men claiming that they are the ones who are mainly suffering from the disease whereas it is affecting both men and women.

It should also be noted that coronary artery disease happens to be the leading cause of death among men and also women in both Europe and the United States. For instance, a research that was conducted in 2008 revealed that approximately 12. 8 million American were suffering from this disease and about 500 thousands die every year from coronary artery disease related issue. The author should also have noted that a lot of American women do not fully understand the threat associated with coronary artery disease irrespective of the fact that it is the leading cause of death among them.

Research indicates that only eight percent of women view coronary artery disease as a major threat to them. (American Heart Association, Inc, 2008) ? References American Heart Association, Inc. (2008, February 29). Coronary Artery Disease . Retrieved July 8, 2010, from http://www. imaginis. com/heart-disease/heart-disease-coronary-artery-disease-cad-overview Lippincott, W. (2009). Pathophysiology Made Incredibly Easy. Philadelphia: Wolters Kluwer. McCance, K. & Heuther,S. (2010). Study Guide for Pathophysiology:. Missouri: Mosby Elsevier.

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