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Pathophysiology Discussion

I would like to extend my gratitude for this opportunity of gaining points while giving feedback regarding this course. Pathophysiology is a very dense course. This course is very important not only to nursing but to nearly all healthcare professional school programs. It introduces us to any disturbances of body functions caused by disease or abnormal symptoms. Pathophysiology provides as backgrounds on systems of the body and the associated disorders and how these disorders affect the body.

It prepares nursing students to practices on basic pathophysiology of common adult health problems which would likely to be encountered in the inpatient or outpatient situations, hospital and community settings. Since this course is very tough, there should be additional support provided to students so the class would become positive experiences for both students and the instructor. Electronic discussions would allow students to participate more and feedback.

It is also recommended that there will be more creative interactions like games, skits, and role plays as these would allow us to present arguments. Like the other courses, it would be better if this class would allow us to write comments to agree, disagree or add any comment to our fellow students’ post. I would like to see that we have access to other students’ opinions, more student-student and student-instructor interactions. I would like to see this course as student-centered learning class.

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