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Proposal for a Contemporary Art Discussion

The essay on the Contemporary Art Discussion aims to focus on Performance Art, one of the main artistic movements of contemporary art. The paper will be divided into three general parts namely introduction, body and analysis and conclusion. They will encompass the answers on the major problem and specific objectives of the essay.

The primary objective of the essay is to answer the problem of study: why is Performance At considered as a contemporary art movement? With that question, several specific goals have emerged. Thus, the essay endeavors to include in the introduction the definition of contemporary art and enumerate its major artistic movements.

The body of the essay aspires to trace the history of Performance art hence, it will give brief information about its account in the past. It will also present details with regards to the movement itself. Furthermore, it endeavors to focus women in the field of Performance Art.

Three women will be narrated namely, Laurie Anderson, Meredith Monk and Linda Montano. Brief information about the artists will be incorporated in order to provide an overview of the topic. Moreover, it will provide statements with regards to women’s issues in the art world which includes the feminist Performance Art. How did Performance Art help women find their identity and place in the world of art?

The analysis of the essay will reveal the answer to the specific problem of study mentioned awhile ago that are based on the given information on the body itself. It will unleash three important reasons that the student thinks are the reasons why Performance Art belongs in Contemporary Art.

Gathering of knowledge and answers on the topic of study will be done through archival and Internet research. The following are the tentative books, articles and websites to be used in the process:

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