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Proposal Electrical Engineering

A single component  substation that makes use of a  insulation device with an unparallel insulation performance assures a greater density value with an enhanced environmental favorability as it has the ability to decrease the substation area or space to close to approximately 50% of the space needed by the latest gas substations.

In order to be able to research the typical design for this substation, identification of the major application tools, methods and technologies was made and they include the hyper link application, an application to determine the interior of solids, the solid insulation AC changer application.

The technology also includes a form of design technique that will incorporate all the application together. Another target of the project is the design of a package  substation that can gives rise to another substation by simply linking the installed boxes. The technologies involved include the  insulation transformer application and the large current connection technology called the hyperlink technology.

B) 1.Iinsulation transformer application

The achievement of CO2 volume discharge, the design of portable small solid transformer, the realization of thirty percent decrease of loss in comparison with the existing orthodox transformer is aimed at by the use of spiral shaped coil with horizontal loop and a heat conductivity gadget in order to lower the coil temperature. Two coils are designed one with orthodox copper wire and the other with horizontal spiral winding and the two are compared for temperature increase at the middle of the winding.

The outcome reveals a fall in the temperature and this triggered the possibility of remarkable design at a 345 kilovolt, 300MVA solid transformer with smaller size in terms of weight and volume than the orthodox transformer while establishing a close to thirty percent decrease in the heat loss.

2. Hyperlink application

In order to achieve this small but efficiently arranged linking device needed for the connection of the 345KV gadget at the substation, a hyperlink was developed. This allows for super connection as it gives opportunity for connection and disconnection operations in a highly adaptable and flexible cable by making use of a connector.

Evaluating the insulation size and capacity reveals that a 345 kilovolt linker having a low capacity (1/25m3) which is  closely o.2 fraction of that of  common and usual  345 kilovolt XLPS energy cable linker(1/5m3) can be generated with a DC- insulation power of interfacial state leaving out the limitations of an air containing  layer.


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