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Perspectives on Contemporary

The paper explores the influence United States of America has on society and culture of the rest of the world in its defending weaker countries from exploitation and preventing terrorism. It is important to note that scientific discoveries will be discussed how they affect the decline of our culture. Research acknowledges that some recommended changes have to be effected by US and review some of its laws. Confidence has been raised by many for the dedication Americans have in fighting against terrorism. They have what it takes: legal authorities and available weapons.

This is not to say, however, that the fight should be left for Americans alone. However, it was noted that they should protect themselves before protecting others by coming up with intelligent equipment to monitoring terrorist plans and methods before those terrorist attack. Terrorist way of attack has been changing and it becomes lethal making it difficult to counter by Americans alone. A part from discouraging terrorism, America has been blamed for declining of many cultures and civilizations of certain groups in the world.

There is a connection between deterioration of many young generation’s mind by American mass culture and Hollywood movies (Rita 50). The recent release of ‘Prison Break’ raised controversy when it immediately led to worldwide escape of detainees from prison. The research shows advancement in culture is both an educational issue as well as beneficial one. It extends from ones own traditions and heritage. Having a national language rather than foreign one influences. However, international trade and sports forces many to and learn and borrow foreign American English words. Advancement in technology has been quite significant this.

Introduction of satellites enables Hollywood movies, American music and style reach us very fast. Findings indicate that introduction of virtual world – internet is slowly killing traditional culture. Especially Africa where people used to come together during bereavement, nowadays people sent their condolences without turning up. Where is the original African culture? There is no longer ancestral reverence as in the past yet some assume all civilizations are good. American culture is reflected in fashion and design everywhere but the rest of the world is left with anxiety of losing its cultural values.

Everyone is striving to get international entertainment, lifestyle, fashion and culture. Most of the nations emphasize the idea that US can’t keep with the pace with which the information revolution is moving. This is ridiculous since the American National Security Agency is the world’s most equipped when it comes to weapons: biological, deadly chemicals and nuclear material. No one can imagine how US funds for all these. America first identifies the aim of people engaging in terrorism. If it is due to oppression and economic deprivation, they support them. But if they are hired criminals to endanger others, American acts accordingly.

The Americans continuously develop and refine counterterrorism policies. According to Keith (2006), some states are kept on the list for supporting terrorism and are closely monitored by US security whose mission is to get all states that support terrorists. The US congress implements the international conventions to suppress financing of terrorism. The Attorney General from USA are expelled to safeguard national security interests. Cases of a biological agent, deadly chemicals, or nuclear attack by terrorist, the President guides the implementation of existing legal authority.

It is the obligation of Secretary of State to press for an international convention which prevents and responds to cyber attacks by terrorists. When International terrorism arises, Intelligence weapon to eliminates barriers to Information on terrorists and ensures the Flow of terrorism Information from law enforcement to policymakers and analysts, Keith (2006). This has reduced international terrorist which targeted America’s property. Findings suggest twelve United Nations now condemn international terrorism and support international cooperation.

The study shows Syria, Sudan, and Afghanistan provide fund, refuge, training bases, and weapons to terrorists. Despite firmness and US weapons, international terrorists attack them on their land. Just Osama Bin Laden did it and apparently they are yet to track him down. He wanted to to topple the twin towers. This is because of high influx where on daily basis over one million people enter the United States legally and others enter illegally (Halpern and Voiskunskii 36). This implies complacency among border security controls in their work to block foreign terrorists. Al-Qaida group, is well known with bombing the U.

S. Embassies in Africa mainly Kenya in August 1998. This shows a growing trend toward hatred of the United States. This group punishes their innocent people through killing many of them. Religious militant groups also support violent campaign against the United States. These affiliated, transnational terrorist are difficult to predict and penetrate as they rely on a variety of sources for funding and logistical support. Criminal activities like kidnapping and narcotics generate a lot of cash for them. It is believed that Internet is their effective communications channel.

Experts concur that today’s terrorists are using agents that cause mass casualties. A chemical agent in the Tokyo subway by the apocalyptic Aum Shinrikyo group demonstrated was very difficult to handle. The conventional explosives kills more people than technical bombs where tens of millions of dollars are spent developing them. This group could not launch an anthrax attack (Barton and Keith 10). The Commission Russia at one point complained of security for the nuclear material in the former Soviet Union This a Center for Strategic International Studies panel chaired by former Senator Sam Nunn.

The terrorists have shifted their motives of attack; this has led to a change in the way some international terrorist groups are structured. The US government has taken steps to reinvigorate the terrorists’ plans including use of available legal avenues in order to stop and prosecute terrorist activities and private sources of support, convince other nations to cease all support for terrorists state and local officials are prepared for attacks that may result in more people. Works cited

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