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Pattern Recognition

The loss of local identity or products is both a good and bad thing. The footage heads has been lost making it hard for those with similar attributes to identify themselves due to difficulty in recognizing each other. On the other hand, the footage has led to of new marketing experiences whereby one can get anything needed by blogging in the internet to identify more with a product. In addition, given that globalization erases both local identity and history, the invention of planes resulted to jet lag since when one takes a long flight the soul will delay and later on be reeled in gradually once one reaches his/her destination (Gibson, 4).

However, the flights have played a big role in the transport industry for people are now able to travel long distances within short time lag. Thus the current digital technology is worth. The loss of local identity and products is a great loss given that people rely on high-tech vegetables which are full of chemicals. On the other side it’s a gain for in areas with economic problems one can still be able to grow vegetables thus cutting on the cost of living. The curta calculator is a great achievement for it enables one to work on it without any source of power thus effective.

The gains from loss of local identity and products are more important in the sense that globalization has brought with it new inventions and technology which facilitates easy and quality life. The flights enable one to move to different destinations in a matter of minutes thus curbing the former problems encountered in the transport industry. The modern ecosystem makes possible for one to be able to supply himself with vegetables in any place. Local identity used to drag us behind with restrictions and dependence on others for support but now one can possibly work on there own with ease of internet (Gibson, 2).

Moreover, the internet enables one to get information about products irrespective of where they are produced by just blogging if one knows the name of the author or product as compared to the past where one used to search manually. This has ease marketing of products given that people do post their products in the internet as a way of marketing. Works Cited Gibson, W. Pattern Recognition. New York: G. P, Putnam’s Sons, 2003. Viewed on August 3, 2010 from http://blogcritics. org/scitech/article/william-gibsons-pattern-recognition/

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