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Patton-Fuller Community Hospital

Most of the hospitals today have switched to the trend of having a social networking site for the benefit of patients’ . They maintain a well informative web portal that is provided with all the latest news about the hospital (Katz, 2002). The concept that lies behind using such a system is that through the use of a website, anyone from the entire world can logon and can reviews about the availability about the Doctors and specialists in the concerned field.

Like for Example, if any patient is HIV+ and he wants a proper treatment, then he should obviously rush to a hospital that has appropriate medication facilities and doctors that are specialized in treatment of this particular disease. Thigh, we all know that this disease can never be fully cured but still the patient can live long if he is under perfect supervision. All these information can be acquired just by accessing the website of the hospital and that too with in a couple of seconds.

Actually, one can search across the globe for the specialist for his cure. This social network site can additionally be more helpful for knowing the timings and availability for any vacancies under any sector. Briefly, the various uses can be wrapped as under: • Information system: The hospital’s information system is best supported by the use of a web portal. The various information regarding the availability and non- availability of the various doctors and specialists and their shifts of working in the hospital can be socially displayed on the hospital.

• Benefit to the patients: Patients can very conveniently search through the website for the technology and doctor/Medicare in the profile of the hospital and can find the best hospitality made available to them suiting their requirements best. • Vacancy: This website can also assist many medical aspirants to search for any vacancies and the recruitment if any in the hospital. • Exposure: If in any case of emergency, the patient under treatment requires Medicare which is currently available in the hospital, then this website can be used to immediately

Establish a contact between two hospitals to assist each other. Maintaining a social profile provides an exposure to the world outside and helps the hospital to be in close competence with newer technologies and keep pace with them. Diagram 1: Top view of the functional structure at Patton-Fuller community hospital Red boxes are clinical areas while black boxes are admin functions. Integrated Information System in the Hospital The increasing complication of the hospital’s information structure has encouraged information structure managers to look for applicable resolution for assimilating their systems.

Although many flourishing functions of information structures have been established and realized in practice in hospital atmosphere, the amalgamation of diverse applications, multi-vendor, calculating atmosphere into a organized hospital-wide informative system has established itself to be complex and not easy to achieve. Hers an attempt to talk about systems combination in hospitals & presents a theoretical skeleton for a bottom-up approach integration of the various information systems in hospital systems.

The reach of the projected structure is the combination of clinical, financial & administrative information fundamentals of any hospital to a combined system with a vital medical information warehouse. Talking with reference to Patton Fuller Community Hospital, it’s essential to briefly introduce the hospital & its organizational structure before going into the depths. Patton-Fuller Community Hospital; a healthcare organization is not for profit. This organization has given a wide range of better-quality services & amenities to the Kelsey city & the neighboring communities.

This hospital also provides expert services like emergency medical trouble, surgery, Physical therapy, labor and delivery and radiology to the patients. Besides providing these basic necessities, it has a sound integrated information system based on a OSI structure and a wireless networking. It supports a useful web portal for the fast e-mailing and Medicare facilities. Virtual Information system: Basically, a community hospital it not a very large hospital and it works for a particular community. Any complicated or difficult surgery can be transferred immediately to any other hospital.

Patton fuller community hospital has fast networking and services that establish rapid contacts with the king hospitals for immediate actions. A very High-end organizational structure is used by this hospital to help the objectives of this Hospital. Basically it is a virtual organization which means that actually it is dispersed on a small to big geographical vicinity. Actually it is the use of Information Technology (IT) & Information Systems (IS) which makes its appear as if it is within a single location, whereas in reality they might be distributed over a vast area (Curtis, 2008).

This is because this Organization perhaps has numerous satellite workplaces just like most of the big hospitals do have in the urban areas. For example: John’s Hopkins hospital in Baltimore. Fast e-mailing & Groupware: This hospital also uses Groupware & E-mailing facilities to handle the daily jobs in the Hospital. Groupware can further be divided into 3 different classes; collaborative management tools, the conference tools and communication tools. The Communication tools like E-mail, V-mail & Fax, are used to inform the staff about any Virtual meeting.

It also acts as a reminder for the daily jobs, surgeries & even birthdays of their employees. The Conference tools like data, video & voice conferencing, chat rooms & instant messaging are used especially when there is any meeting or announcement where everyone’s attendance is important. The Collaborative management tools like calendars & project supervision tools are utilized to facilitate organization of the hospital. Wi-Fi Network: With this Virtual Organization it can be explained how the above defined technologies use the ‘OSI 7 Layer Model’ & how can it be broadcasted across the entire Hospital’s Wired & Wi-Fi Network?

Comparison with Other Hospital’s Networking Site With reference to a community hospital like Patton Fuller Community Hospital, we can clearly observe that it is a small-scale hospital which practically covers a particular community only but is virtually widespread over a large area through its sound information system. The Management Information System (MIS) of the hospital uses a networking system to facilitate easy communication over distances. Obviously, this pattern of working is different from that of the large scale hospital that is widespread over large areas and have vast infrastructure.

They too have a networking system but that is more of intrinsic. They need internal networking to be stronger than its social networking. Actually, they work on two pillars of internal networking and extensive networking. Moreover, those hospitals that are still using the traditional ways of communicating via telephone and are not socially available 24 hours through a web profile are much backward with respect to those hospitals that maintain a social website.

They don’t get any social exposure and hence are not informed well about the technologies even in their exact neighbor hospital. Diagram 2: Current Network Architecture at Patton-Fuller Talking about Patton Fuller Community Hospital, we can have a look at the present E-mail facility and the way they communicate with each other inside & outside of system Network using the OSI model Structure. The international Organization for standardization developed this ‘Open Systems Interconnect model’ in the year 1984.

Eventually, a web portal was also created to provide a social candidature to it (FitzGerald, 2009). In contrast to the hospital with do not have a web profile, this hospital provides all information regarding the availability of doctors, shifts, technologies and other essentials. This provides convenient use to the patients, so obviously they are attracted toward it more than any other hospital lacking such a quality. Different Hospital provides different information on their web Sites. They might hide or give the information as per their choice.

Web Portal Expansion The web Portal can suitably be expanded as per the requirements of the environment. Any financial help and funds required for any project or treatment can be discussed conveniently on the website. Any new advance in the field of medics can be read about well through these web portals and implemented as well. Use of Social Networking Sites Some of the forward-looking hospitals are now including some of the social networking sites Such as Facebook & Twitter within their marketing plans.

The best example can be considered of the university of Maryland Medical System has set up its presence in these social networking sites that helps in connecting these 9 hospital system to provide amenities to hundreds of patients. These social networking systems like Twitter assists the medical systems in promoting its latest educational contributions & any other noteworthy actions in small messages known as Tweets to its followers and can also refer them to some other social networking sites to access detailed information. Also blogs can be created.

This could be the best way to learn how the social media works via engaging customers through controlled conversion. Blogging offers an even superior level of information management & is one of those best ways to carry on discussions with persons who regularly come across Twitter or Facebook. By subsequent links given in the facility’s blog, visitors can acquire deep information in their field of interest. Just like the hospitals are identifying the importance of drumming in social networks, a large number of doctors and physicians are also launching their blogs conferring everything from time in particular medical cases.

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