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Pavement following

Fire is considered to be one of the ancient elements in the physical world. This element has been utilized by various communities for centuries wherein it aided in the manifestation of different civilizations in the world. More so, fire has been recognized in different ways by many cultures. For some, it is a gift while for other it is a curse. One of the terrible things that can happen with fire is experiencing to be burn alive. Visually, this experience can seem like a scene from the movie Sunshine wherein a blanket of fiery yellow orange flames of the sun was all over the TV screen.

Looking at the hot flame, there were some parts that have dark shadings of orange while other sections have an intense and blinding golden light. Inside the inferno, I can distinguisly notice the sea of flames that made swirling motions as if they were dancing along a symphony of melodic tunes. Before the flames have swallowed me whole to its inner abyss of oblivion, I saw it smoothly creeping slowly on the grassy pavement following the tracks left by the potent kerosene. The flames then seemed calm and very hypnotic to the point that I became engrossed with its snakelike motion.

I did not want to look away nor blink my eyes. I just stood there and stared at the fast approaching train of heat. As I made close contact with the flame it suddenly inflated into a humongous great ball of fire. I saw the progression of the flame in slow motion from being a crawling reptile to a burly gusty heap of compressed air. Witnessing this sight made me think that the flames were like dancing ballerinas swaying their hands from right to left as if they were inviting me to walk closer to the burning core of the flame.

Then suddenly, a surge of whiteness surrounded my vision. At first, I thought that I was transported into a room painted in salient white but after a few seconds, the fiery yellow orange background was restored but this time the intensity of the colors have tripled a thousand times. Also, as I dove deeper into the flames, the swirling motions were replaced by giddily dancing small balls of fire. As the flame took me to its inner sanctum, I extended my arm to feel its warmth. Before making contact, I can already feel the burning sensation through the swift breeze of the flames.

It was like standing in front of a big bonfire. As the heat touched my skin, I thought that I was going to melt like ice cream and turn into a pile of liquid mess on the floor. Initially, the pain can sting a lot. It is like the venom of snake working its wicked magic on the bloodstream. At contact with the flames, I suffered a severe burning sensation but after a while my body became numb due to countless pains I was experiencing. I never thought I would say this but it really felt like hell. However, the soothing sound of the crackling flames calmed me down.

More so, the “woosh” sound that came from the swirling flames made me feel that I was in the hills embracing the cool breeze of the mountain winds. Unfortunately, this fleeting moment quickly passed and I came back to my senses to accept the truth that I was being burned alive. Then, a series of high-pitched screams that varied in tone from second to second have filled the entire flame. As I opened my mouth to let out a loud screech, I have accidentally savored the flavor of the flame. It tasted like the toasted part of burnt bread.

After this, the intense temperature had somehow disabled my taste buds immobilizing my sense of taste leaving me with a dead tongue. Even though I have burned my tongue, I still got to taste the flame through my sense of smell. Its fragrance was a mixture of smoke and flammable gases. As the flame slowly roasted my human flesh, a nidorous stench had enclosed the whole ball of fire which suffocated me to the point that I can no longer move. My vision started to get blurry until everything went black and I no longer exist.

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