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Performing Arts Critique

No one wants to give an impression of being an unpleasant person, especially when it comes to critiquing such an attractive performing art like a stage play. A spectator should have a guiding steps or basis of art critique. Although the steps or basis are simple, it creates a great deal of critiquing and appreciating the artwork. The process of critiquing conveys expressive awareness to details that describes, interprets and evaluates the form of art. This paper will discuss the synthesis on performing arts critique, relating the Broadway stage play of the ‘Wicked’. Discussions

Overview The ‘Wicked’ depicts a social, ethical and political undertone reflective of on what is good and evil. It takes a situation in the “Land of Oz” which led in Dorothy’s arrival. The story evolves and focuses on “Elphaba”, being a misinterpreted “green-skinned girl” who grows up and to turn out to be the infamous “Wicked Witch of the West” (Google Videos, 2008). Descriptive Criticism The ‘Wicked’ is a musical broad way play that captured the heart of many audiences who watched the play. The organization of the play is easy to follow. The show started at the end of the story.

You can see the actress “Glinda” descending from the stage giving the people the good news about the death of “The wicked witch of the west”. You can still see the thought of the story all throughout the play. The theme of the play is well acted by the actor and actresses. You can see the theme similar to the “Wizard of Oz”. The story is not confusing for the viewer’s eye. The unity of the play is well organized. The dance and songs are well rehearsed. The setting of the play is simple but elegant. The plot of the play is simple yet the production was presented well. The setting for the act is perfectly chosen.

The choreography of the main actors and actresses is systematically patterned and can be clearly followed by the audience. The message of the story can be easily captured and understood by the audience, especially the children viewers. The musicality, production style, props and costumes fit the role of the cast. The orchestra and the tone quality of the actors and singers are very clear, and the words can be heard clearly by the audience. The interaction of “Elphaba” and “Glinda” were almost brought to life, wherein the spreading of rumors about the wicked witch of the West has been emphasized to the audience.

Likewise the lead role of how “Elphaba” saves the animals that were mistreated in the Land of Oz, and the situation when she almost lost her sister and his lover. It may ne said that that the portrayal has earned trust from the audience. The play signifies the reality that is mostly happening to the society. This play conveys a message to the people that no matter how different you may look like from others, what lies inside you still defines the true beauty of a person, in which it is said that “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. Interpretative Criticism

The message of the story is clear. The message behind the story is not to judge the person by their appearances. The work portrayed the witch as a greened-skin also bears a good heart. The play tried to show the actual beauty and good deeds of “Elphaba” despite of her abnormal personality. It shows that no matter how ugly or disgusting a person or thing may look like it does not prove what others misunderstood. The story also point out that rumors do not have good values, in which the value of good manners and right conduct is emphasized to the viewers.

The play is generally intended for children because they would benefit good lessons from the story. The artist wants to convey that being judgmental betrays friendship. On the other hand, the virtue of compassion and forgiveness has been emphasized in the stage play, like the reconciliations of Elphaba and Glinda who became good friends despite of what happened. The artists have expressed the human linkages that can be found in the personalities of Elphaba and Glinda. Evaluative Criticism The work portrayed the social realities that signify how the people in a society must create a harmony instead of divergence.

The story sinks in to the mind-set of viewers because the harmony of the play is balance, in which the portrayed roles showed synchronization with each other. The intimacy of the play is very sentimental. Emotions overflowed all throughout the play. The play informs the viewer of good ethical conduct. The viewer can easily understand what the play wish to convey. The play is enjoyable and fits a family entertainment. The work is creative, although it resembles the “Wizard of Oz”. The musicality of the play brings impact to the viewers, wherein it encourages to easily learning some songs from the play.

Likewise, the play expresses that there are no boundaries in learning various cultures and type of people. Moreover, every viewer can recommend the play to general public because of good lessons that can be learned from the play. A lot of important and relevant values in life have been brought in concrete dimensions of characters which the artists wanted to retain the inspirational subject of the story. Thus, the artists could have hoped to touch the lives of the audience by providing inspirational characterization on the lead roles of characters and casts. Conclusion

I can say that the play has lifted and enlightened my feelings. It inspired my awareness on what I should say, do and think about people. It made me aware not to judge people by their appearance. At first I thought the play would be just a typical story that has a happy ending. All throughout the play, I found my self enjoying and relating to the cast. The play made me realize that I should treasure my friends and the people who care for me. I learned that people who need people are the luckiest people. I now know that I am lucky because I don’t see my self as living alone.

I know that eventually people will try to judge me. I have learned how to cope with these things. The play helps me realize how trust is important to sustain friendship. I learned how to consider the feelings of others. I am now aware of what I will say and how it will affect others emotionally and physically. I am now a better person. I also learned how to forgive others of their mistreatment to me. I believe that there is always a second chance for all people. The play encouraged me to become a better person. It made me realized to be a positive thinker.

Likewise, I have learned how to relate and understand the feelings of others. The play inspired me to help the world, like caring people should be my number one priority in everyday life. The play will help everyone since it would help people realize the values of goodness that is with them all the time. Overall, the lessons learned from the play conveys that everyone can change for the better which would lead people to change for the greater good of the world. References Google Videos (2008). ‘Wicked Broadway Act’. Retrieved 27 June 2009 from http://video. google. com/videoplay? docid=3986358856351720419.

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