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Person and tone

In the field of literature, there is a distinct difference between person and tone. The term person refers to the main point of view that the story or narration is presented. Most common of these is the first person and third person point of view, with the second person point of view being the rarest mode that is used. The quality of the work of literature can be greatly affected by the point of view used in the story as it deals with the person who is telling the story and the manner of telling or narrating the story.

For most professionals in the writing field, the use of person is an effective measurement of one’s ability to write. Tone, meanwhile, is a technique that can be found within a story or narration wherein attitudes of the characters are conveyed. As such, the tone of a certain piece of work may take on several variations, ranging from a formal and serious tone to one that is playful and informal.

Tone may also become satirical, patronizing or even intimate depending on the writer. Tone is very important in literature as it is that part that evokes emotions and feelings, lending the piece of work its own identity and readers to feel the emotions that the writer wants to convey. In a story, the tone may vary and range depending on the mood of the particular story.

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