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Personality Impact

“Personality is the sum total of relatively unitary characteristics. Some also look at it in terms of impacts on others. ” (James, 1994) Personality can affect our choices in life. One such choice is our desired occupation. Many individuals try as much as possible to choose an occupation that suits and which is compatible with their personalities. Therefore, individual who carefully match the two together usually enjoys life better and have success in most cases in their places of employment. For example, someone who is creative will do well, and enjoy a job where there is freedom of self-expression.

A prominent scholar in the field of impact of personality on occupation is Holland. He opines that people choose vocation environments that are in line with major personalities. His research was to comprehend occupational choices and how personality impacts on these. “Individuals can belong to any of the six personality types which are investigative, realistic, enterprising, social, and conventional and artistic and these correspond to six types of work environment namely investigative, conventional, enterprising, realistic, artistic and social. ”(Jones) Individuals with similar personalities are usually compatible.

For instance, someone who is artist easily makes friends and copes easily with other artistic people. When such people with same personalities are in the same workplace, they generate a kind of work environment that favors and promotes creative thinking i. e. an artistic envionment. Individuals therefore excel in their work environment when it is compatible with their personality types and the attributes of the environment. Furthermore, when there is no compatibility between the person’s personality and environment, there is usually disappointment and unhappiness, with the career as well as poor performance at work.

Take for instance, someone that is jovial, hilarious, and talkative and who likes to make friends, will likely do well if he takes up a job in marketing industry Success and satisfaction is sure for individuals that work in an environment that is in line with their personalities. For example, someone who is artistic will most likely excel and get satisfied if he selects an occupation that creates an artistic environment such as taking up a job as a dance tutor in a particular dancing academy . This type of environment is controlled by artistic type individuals, an environment whereby creativity and self expression are highly rated.

In conclusion, most individuals usually have combination of types. For instance, someone can have both realistic and investigative or both social and artistic. Therefore, such people may want to consider occupational choice in more than one category. References James, L. (1994). Personality and Occupation: Creating the Ideal Situation Retrieved on August 5, 2009 from http://www. soc. hawaii. edu/leonj/LEONJ/student3/calvinc/499/cheat. html Jones, K. L. Holland’s Theory of Career Choice and You Retrieved on August, 5 2009 from www. carrerkey. org.

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