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Philosophy Argument Portfolio

In the argument there were many premises. These included the explicit premise that without fundamental knowledge a person is unable to make a decision on a related topic that is in the best interest overall. Another area is that there is a huge difference in the conspiracy theories that blacks and whites have. The overall result of all conclusions and arguments would be that there would need to be a stronger emphasis on education and learning and how to do these types of things.

These premises promote the overall understanding and warranting of the conclusion and they are real reasons that can be seen and supported by fact such as public opinion polls which can be considered fact for the thoughts of the general public if not for the actual “truth. ” These actual truths are the reasons behind what many will argue as part of the overall reactions and interactions of the argument. The implicit premise of the argument includes the arguments that citizens of the United States are often quick to draw to conclusions and pass judgments even when there is not specific argument or purpose for which they are talking about.

This generalization would lead one to believe that in the United States there is a problem with individuals not having enough information but jumping to conclusions and arguing on issues for which they have little fact. It was also stated in the argument that the American people come to conspiracy theories much too quickly in the United States. This is that there is a common trend among Americans to come up with some type of conspiracy rather than to try and understand the real reason behind problems. The main argument therefore completely revolves around a need for further education and further understanding through being well educated.

The Evolution of the Argument Overall the conclusion stated is that there needs to be a stronger emphasis on the overall education and learning that is encouraged. This is because there are a number of issues with those who do not have enough information to be making conclusions, jumping to conclusions and coming up with conclusions that have no basis in reality or fact. This basis on the issues that are not reality or fact is one of the reasons that there is no connection between these things and the basis that is intended.

Through further education and learning there would be a better overall understanding and ability to be able to learn. This was shown in the issues where they discussed how the American people as a whole jump to conclusions whether it be something that might seem outrageous to some like that the AIDS virus was something that the government allowed to happen to hurt the black race or the something more easily accepted like that the United States government had a hand in some part of the 9/11 attacks.

Neither of these issues can be proven but both result in the same overall conclusions that are considered to be conspiracy theories. This would result in an increased knowledge which would lead to an increased ability to learn and understand. This type of education could prevent people from coming to conclusions such as those on conspiracy theories. The premises should be accepted as reasons that education should be promoted and encouraged. One reason would be that without this better understanding and education there will continue to be the same conclusions drawn time and time again.

This is because the premises all deal with the issues of not having enough education or knowledge and how they directly affect the ability to learn and understand. Further the author recommends that the American people be encouraged to understand things rather than being encouraged to blindly follow things or to come up with the conclusions on their own. In one part of the argument the author even brings up those who are notoriously known for this type of issue and lack of understanding prior to making decisions and the bad decisions that they have made which have affected the nation.

One person that was mentioned in this area was President George W. Bush who was prominent in his belief that education was not fully needed to make a decision. There are critics who would speculate that this is the true reason behind many of the nation’s current problems, however this is not part of the argument on hand. The premises are true as they are all reasons that education would need to be encouraged.

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