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Physical Science

Part 1 A meteorite falling to earth experiences balanced forces and therefore reaches terminal velocity. The force of gravity pulls the object to earth but wind resistances causes an equal and opposite resultant drag force. A centripetal motion occurs when an object has an acceleration motion with a force acting toward the center such that it follows a curved path. One example is a satellite orbiting the earth. The force of gravity pulls the satellite towards the center of the earth while its angular velocity keeps the distance from the earth constant.

Any change in angular velocity will cause the satellite to fall to earth or drift into space. Forces within a stable atomic nucleus are balanced such that the atom is held together by an electrical change between positively charged protons and negatively charged electrons. Radioactive elements lower in the periodic table have large nucleus and tend to be unstable. There are many geological forces acting on the plates which cause the plates to be in constant motion. The plates are moving at a constant rate of about 70mm per year.

Since the velocity is constant this indicates that the driving forces and resistive forces are in dynamic equilibrium. The gravitation forces exerted by the planets in our solar system is directly related to their mass. The forces acting on the planets, moons and sun in the solar system are in equilibrium such that they are all in stable orbits. Part 2 I have gained further understanding of the laws that govern physical motion, atomic structures and how the study of physical science has brought about the invention of many things.

The concept which has made the greatest difference to me is the planetary forces which shape our universe. The most important concepts I have taken away is that of atomic forces and molecular structure. I believe this term has given a foundation which will guide through further study in this field. I have enhanced my analytical and mathematical skills, learnt how to apply science to everyday problem and make ration decisions and gain confidence in the use laboratory equipment to record and analyze data. Many jobs require at least a basic understanding of physical science.

The negative effects of climate change are expected to include; an increase in occurrences of droughts, hurricanes, floods and other bad weather, reduced water quality and air quality, increase in sickness and biological pest, loss of biodiversity. The study of physical science has helped me gain further understanding of the forces which drive climate change and how humans and individuals such as me are affecting the planet. References Hewitt P. , Suchocki, J. , & Hewitt, L. (4th Ed. ). (2007). Conceptual Physical Science. USA: Addison Wesley

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