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Pollock: A Great American Painter

The movie, “Pollock”, directed by Ed Harris, is a movie about the life of abstract expressionist, Jackson Pollock. The story focused on the many experiences of the artist, with whom he has attributed, both his success and his failures. The actors in this film have portrayed their roles convingly. Ed Harris, who played the title role, was very effective with his performance. He was able to balance the traits of the protagonist in a complex manner, making Jackson’s life mysterious. Ed Harris, being the great actor that he was, made Pollock’s attitude realistic in the sense that he was able to deliver the narcissitic nature of the painter.

His performance of a drunkard was one of the best in the film. It highlighted the success and downfall of Pollock and the suppressed feelings that he hid from everyone else. Marcia Gay Harden, who portrayed the role of Lee Krasner, was a revelation. Her role as the long-suffering wife of Jackson Pollock (Ed Harris) was so realistic that viewers tend to sense the kind of feeling she has. Everytime she looks at Pollock, we see the suppressed feelings and the hardships that she has experienced in their marriage. All of the pain that she felt when her husband would disregard her were all seen with her actions.

The lighting effects used in this film also played an important role. It gave the perception that the movie was set in the 1940’s. Music supported the drama that we have experienced in the film. It help set the mood of the characters in the film. Over-all, the movie was something to be watched out for. The abrupt ending made an impact in the film, leaving us to make our own conclusions. Out of ten stars, I give it a seven. Works Cited: Pollock. Dir. Ed Harris. Perf. Ed Harris, Marcia Gay Harden, Val Kilmer, Sally Murphy, Jennifer Connelly. 2000. DVD. Sony Pictures, 2001.

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