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Probation affect

The goal of any prison is not to punish the offender by removing all hope of a better future from the person but instead focuses on reforming the offender and giving the offender a chance to enter society once again as a reformed individual. This is the reason why jails are often part of the Bureau of Corrections. The prison sentence served is but a part of the whole corrections or reformation process that an offender under goes once he has been found guilty and charged.

The next step lies in making sure that the individual remains reformed and is able to ease back into society or even into the life that he or she once had prior to entering the corrections facility. This is the ultimate goal of all correctional institutions all over the world but that is not necessarily the reality. It is for this reason why probation is used so extensively. Probation allows people to reform and become productive members of society.

By incarcerating them, offenders become shunned by the society that they seek to become a part of because of their previous criminal records, offenders also return to their communities and are re-immersed into the same atmosphere that created the criminal tendency inside of them in the first place and finally, offenders have a difficult time seeking employment and are once again left with no other method but to commit crime in order to make ends meet. The socialization or in this case the re-socialization of the offender is an important step in the corrections process and one that cannot be simply ignored.

It must be remembered that the purpose of socialization is to enable the offender to learn society’s ways, in this case to re-learn, and thereby control any antisocial behavior in an effort to come to a better decision with regard to what is right and what is wrong. By ensuring that this important aspect is addressed through an efficient and effective probation program, the corrections institutions may stand a better chance at helping an individual willingly follow society’s norms and become a productive member of that society.

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