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Theories affect individual characteristics

Existential and humanistic personality theories do not dwell on other matters except for the individual himself, his existence, and everything that comes with it. Existential theories focus on a life with apparently no inherent meaning, except for the one that is constructed by the person himself. Creating a meaningful life is what makes a human being, according to existentialists’ perspective (Wilderdom. com, 2003a). On the other hand, humanistic perspectives focus on the personal worth of a person, and the human values that is related to it (Wilderdom.

com, 2003b). It is very much related to existentialism because it focuses on how human beings are able to overcome hardship and despair, as it defines nobility as humans. These humanistic and existential personality theories affect individual personality characteristics. When these ideas are used as a basis for existence, an individual tends to focus more on him rather than other aspects of life. He is more concerned about his worth as a person, and is also preoccupied with understanding his reason for existence.

He accepts the fact that human beings face problems that must he must overcome in order to know his real worth. He is more accepting of challenges that he would face, and despite the hardships, he is willing to pursue his desire for self discovery. Because of this, his outlook in life is affected, thus also affecting his personality. An individual of this outlook tends to be creative and spontaneous, as he understands that human beings have an active nature. He is an optimist, and is capable looking at the positive side of things, despite knowing that problems and hardships are an inevitability to human life.

They search for the meaning of their existence by trying to construct a meaningful life. They do this by doing what they want, what they think satisfies them, thus defining their existence, and eventually figuring out their purposes in life. References: Wilderdom. com. (2003a). Existential Perspectives on Personality. Retrieved November 30, 2008, from http://wilderdom. com/personality/L10-1Existential. html Wilderdom. com. (2003b). Humanistic Perspectives on Personality. Retrieved November 30, 2008, from http://wilderdom. com/personality/L10-2Humanistic. html

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