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Problem with new data

Global warming is indeed a hot issue, literally and figuratively. For the past years, it has been the talk of the country, from politicians, philanthropists, businessmen, to common citizens, parents, and children. Initially, some people may not understand fully about this topic, but there are a lot of those who wanted to get involved. And besides, this topic is not just the concern of a selected few; it is the concern of world. The people were able to understand the topic, and as their concern grew further, they started to take sides.

A few sided with major companies that “contribute” to global warming, and took a stand against the issue, saying that it is not true, and that it is a natural, recurring phenomena. There are those who took a stand to stop the problem, joining environmental advocacies and interests groups. At some point, we have already drawn the line between the bad things that cause global warming, and the good things that we can do to solve it. For some time, our minds were made up, that we know what we are fighting for and we know the problem.

When Dr. James Hansen resurfaced with a new data, all the things that we knew back then have been challenged. The people’s understanding about global warming has been shattered. Some rejoiced while some reacted violently. With the new data that Dr. Hansen has brought in, the people started to question further what really is the deal with global warming. With the new data, our understandings about certain concepts would really be challenge, and in return, we challenge back the new data and whoever brought it. With Dr.

Hansen resurfacing with new, different information, we tend to challenge not only the information, but also the one who brought that information. With this amount of confusion, we tend to lose track of what really matters, and still it remains to be the problem of global warming. Initial findings According to Jon Caroll, Dr. Hansen’s new report is contrary to his previous findings, and that’s what spurned the confusion. His initial findings are that the main cause of global warming is the increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and the cause of this is the burning of fossil fuels (The New York Times).

We know that burning these fossil fuels is such a necessity in our society, as it would power our cars and vehicles, would heat and light our homes, and run every industry that relied on its sheer power. When Dr. Hansen issued his initial findings about global warming, we are somewhat stopped in our tracks in what we’re doing. Suddenly, every fuel that we have burned for our consumption has it setbacks. We are all guilty for this, and we have based our decisions on this premise. If it causes global warming, then we should avoid it. The effect of the Dr. Hansen’s findings We have to stress that this was Dr.

Hansen’s initial findings. With carbon dioxide as a major culprit, a lot of industries have flinched and reacted to the issue. The greatest evil to contribute to the problem of global warming at this point is the oil companies. They burn so much fuels that it had brought about adverse effects to the environment. The blame trickled down to the consumers of this oil, whose presence and participation are as equally damaging as that of the oil companies. People who owns cars and machineries that run on these fossil fuels have a lot to answer to the environment too, and that’s according to the argument that Dr.

Hansen has posted. In order to avert this problem, the solution would have to come from ourselves, as we have to regulate, if not end our oil consumption. This may be a hard feat to pull, but somehow we tried our best to do so, with the help of many environmental advocacies, and the various governments of different nations. With Dr. Hansen’s initial findings, the authorities all over the world began their move in order to save our planet from the mess she’s in. It elicited various reactions from different sectors.

In a political standpoint, it was really hard for a country like the United States to accept the findings. Accepting it would mean admitting to the mistakes that we have made against our planet. We remain the biggest consumer of oil and fossil fuels, as we use it to power every major industry that built our nation. It is hard to do away with these things, as we are totally reliant on it for energy. We may have alternative sources of power, but it is hard to find a replacement for those oils and fossil fuels. It is not only a question of environmental concern, but also a challenge to our way of life.

On the other hand, other countries banded in order to help save the planet. These countries signed the Kyoto Protocol, in order to stir us clear from imminent danger. These countries resolved on finding ways on how to solve this problem, eventually asking the major countries for monetary compensations on the degree of their actions against the planet. The United States didn’t join these countries, instead the nation started to take its own actions. There are a lot of advocates of the environment in the country that went out of their way to speak up against global warming.

One of these people is Al Gore, who lost against George W. Bush in his run for presidency. He toured the world, giving speeches and showing presentations that would “enlighten” people regarding global warming. Other people would also pursue their own advocacies, including alternative energy, going “green”, and a lot more. The new data The issue about global warming has already settled, since almost everyone is doing their part on saving the environment. People have begun using hybrid cars to lessen their oil consumption and its impact to the environment.

Going “green” has become a fashion and lifestyle trend, wherein designers chose to use organic materials in whatever they produce. People chose to eat foods which are organic and not the ones processed with the use of chemicals. Houses were remodeled in order to make them energy efficient. Surely, we have given a lot of effort in order to curb the problem of our environment. But then again, it is just Dr. Hansen’s initial data. We never expected any follow up information on things about global warming. Somehow, we have let the issues regarding the issue slide, as we were busy with “correcting” our mistakes.

Then, the new data comes in: there are other things which are MORE responsible for causing global warming. These are heat trapping chemicals like methane, chlorofluorocarbons, and particulate matter like coal and soot, as well as other materials that can create smog. These are the chemicals which Dr. Hansen finds to be the true culprit in our problem of global warming. It was like a victory for some, and a smack in the face to many. A lot of people were very keen on solving this global warming problem, with the thinking that it was the exceeding levels of carbon dioxide that causes it.

We have cut our consumption of oil, changed our way of life, and virtually evolved into a country with a different mindset, only to find that there are other things which are really causing the problem. Surely, the initial reaction would be disappointment and dismay. The problem with new data is that it will eventually challenge what we initially believed in. We were so engrossed with lessening our carbon dioxide production, to the extent of blaming farm animals for their flatulence and other emissions.

If hard times would come, some people would joke about regulating our breathing to decrease our exhalation of carbon dioxide. The problem with new data is that we have new information to consider, and the old information would have to be set aside. The problem with new data is that it is right. Dr. Hansen resurfaced in the issue of global warming to give us new information. He didn’t mind the criticism that his action would entail, as long as he deliver the facts straight. It is true that it really is the contrary of his initial findings, but that is just a part of the realities of science.

Scientific findings are verifiable: it could be proven or disproven, either way; you are setting the facts straight. We shouldn’t take his findings as a smack in our face, instead we should embrace it. Dr. Hansen’s findings should not be a cause of alarm or dismay; instead it is something that we should be thankful for. With his new findings, we are able to determine what the real cause of the problem is, and according to Jon Caroll, it is easier to solve as compared to when it was a problem of excessive carbon dioxide levels. The products that cause global warming now can be easily regulated.

But still, Dr. Hansen’s findings regarding carbon dioxide levels and global warming are still important because it can cause short term effects to the planet, so our actions didn’t’ really end in vain. Our attempts to solve the problem have been a stepping stone for us to be aware and conscious of our environment, and the new information that he has given has opened us to the reality of the problem. The problem with new data is that, it is usually right. Work Cited: The New York Times. “Global Warming”. 2009. February 16 2009. <http://topics. nytimes. com/topics/news/science/topics/globalwarming/>.

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