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Obese Individuals as Causative Agents of Global Warming

Currently, it is obvious that people are more concerned about the environment and the planet as a whole, and in result there are generally more discussions regarding global warming. It is rather common that the causes of global warming have been pinned upon power plants, cars, airplanes, and buildings; the core reason behind this is that global warming has been determined to be a direct result of the increase of gases such as carbon dioxide and methane from such sources (EcoBridge, n. d). However, it is rather expected that there are also other causes of global warming that are not as usually identified as the previous examples mentioned.

Therefore, in this case, the possibility that global warming can also be caused by obese individuals will be assessed. Discussion It has been established in studies that one main factor as to why global warming occurs is due to carbon emissions, commonly in the form of excessive carbon dioxide; in fact there is a saturation point in the atmosphere in terms of carbon percentage (Norris, n. d). There is a specific mode of action in which these carbon emissions are able to cause an increase in global temperature which causes various detrimental effects.

To explain, when the amount of carbon emissions in the atmosphere increases the amount of trapped heat from various sources also increases significantly (EcoBridge, n. d). Having established that carbon emissions are vital in the occurrence of global warming, it is now important to provide a link between the carbon emissions and the actions of individuals in general. In fact, the actions of humans are directly associated with the onset of global warming, and in essence without the development of the human species it is possible that no such problem in terms of global temperature increase can materialize.

In fact, majority of the carbon emissions are from the technological advancements of the human race (BBC News, 2002). The need to constantly provide and consume drives the essence of excessive production procedures which are commonly provided by various machinery. The industries associated with oil production and electricity generation are all significant sources of byproducts that include greenhouse gases and other environmentally harmful substances (BBC News, 2002). Due to the fact that these industries are highly required in other industries, its effects are rather widespread.

In essence, an increase in demand for products leads to an increase of production which results in the increase of carbon emissions and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Food consumption if increased can lead to an increase in production; in this case, since obese individuals consume more food compared to average individuals then they indirectly contribute to the increase in carbon emissions (Fox News, 2009). In addition, obese individuals are also obviously less capable of constant movement than fit individuals.

In effect, they also contribute to the increase in greenhouse gases in the form of emissions from automobiles which they commonly utilize (Fox News, 2009). Conclusion Each individual is responsible for a certain amount of carbon emissions released into the atmosphere which in part is responsible for additional increase in global temperature readings. However, the rate and amount at which individuals contribute to the increase in greenhouse gases and global warming in general greatly varies depending upon various factors which importantly includes demand and consumption.

Since it has been established that obese individuals considerably demand more and consume more products such as food, they indirectly cause global warming. An in a more direct manner, their reliance upon automobiles causes further increase in terms of carbon levels in the atmosphere leading to global warming. Therefore, in this sense, it can truly be stated that obese individuals are significant causative agents of global warming. References BBC News. (2002, Jun. 3).

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