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What’s hot these days?

Contrary to what anyone would say, its not just the trendy and stylish fashion outfits; nor the groovy acoustic and RnB music. Neither it is food tripping or the so called “mall shopping”. What’s hot these days is our planet. This is not to summon for an activist gathering calling for a worldwide advocacy on clean and green environment. If we think that its just too much and too grand. The point is we do not have to be known necessarily as advocates just to take care of our Earth because, in the first place, that is supposed to be our duty whether we know or not that global warming is here – now killing our habitat.

Much has been said about the modest temeperature rises that is happening in the world today. The most alarming of these is the collapse of the five Antartic Peninsula ice shelves which has existed for almost 100 years already. Recent records show that ice shelves which disappeared because of the regional warming did not keep a large grounded ice sheet that is expected to produce new spring of ice shelves over the next years to come. Such setting threatens the earth while teaching us us how the atmospheric heat temperature can manipulate the geographical dispersion of ice shelves throughout the ocean area.

Indeed, the earth’s ozone layer is already in its sorry state as its effects are visibly observed in these collapsing Antarctic ice shelves. Without the immediate and necessary actions from us, humans, scientists fear that global temperatures will keep rising that could melt parts of polar ice caps and most mountain glaciers which will cause a rise in sea level of up to one meter within a century or so. In effect, coastal regions will experience flood. Global warming will affect weather patterns – may prolong drought and cool season and increase floods.

Argumentations and debates are still going on whether global warming also cause the alarming repeats of hurricanes and tsunamis that have been experienced by other countries lately. What causes much of global warming is the presence of greenhouse gases. These gases create a greenhouse effect in the atmosphere that traps released heat from the earth’s surface which changes and warms the entire area of the earth. Without having the shield of the natural greenhouse effect, the Earth’s geographical climate would be more or less 33 degrees Celsius cooler which is too cold for any living organism to survive.

Even so, this normal process of warming the earth is modified with increasing human careless and wasteful activities that eventually increase the release of greenhouse gases which traps heat in the atmosphere. When these gases develp in the atmosphere, more heat will be isolated within and near the Earth’s surface. That is how we experience a way much warmer globe. Sadly, there is no way to divert and reverse the badly effects of global warming but we can rather make the impact of global warming to us slower that it could possible be.

It is time to demonstrate our social responsibilities without feeling shy or odd about our effort no matter how small or in what area. Therefore, man should learn and understand that if he ruins one ecological niche, the whole system is affected. It is just the same as saying that once a man tampers or abuses the planet by engaging himself in wasteful ways like smoke velching, industrial sectors producing fumes and forest fires, the whole planet is destroyed, so as the ozone layer.

In living in this planet and as guardians of the Earth, we are supposed to be aware of what could destory this home. It is not only for our sake but for our children and our children’s children who hall inherit this. Surely we do not want want them to be born just to be killed by giving them a world not conducive for living. References Microsoft Encarta (2006) Global Warming. Retrieved June 14, 2008, from 1993-2005 Microsoft Corporation Cool Antarctica (n. d. ) Antarctica Global Warming. Retrieved June 14, 2008, from http://www.

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