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Jobs & Global Warming

Today the whole world is facing the problem of global warming. Global warming is the most critical and controversial issue in the present world because it is affecting every living creature on this earth. This problem requires the attention of everyone due to its extraordinary complexity. Global warming refers to an increase in the average temperature of earth surface. The primary reason of global warming is increasing heat trapping gases such as carbon dioxide in our atmosphere (Barrett et al, 2005). Due to rising temperature, the climate patterns are changing and it is affecting ecological productivity and biodiversity on our earth.

Global warming is affecting human health and economy also. For example, in 2003, approximately 35,000 people died due to worst heat wave in recorded history of Europe. In many developing and tropical nations, the gross domestic product has decreased due to climatic changes. According to the findings released by Pentagon in February 2004, global warming may cause several potential changes such as war due to shortage of food & water, border disputes, forced migration, etc. According to Mark Maslin, the present world is facing two major problems which are global warming and global poverty.

He believes that both of these problems are connected to each other and to reduce the problem of global poverty, we have to help poor countries and this requires an expansion of energy usage, which would result into global warming (Maslin, 2008). How to Reduce the Problem of Global Warming As the problem of global warming is very critical, there must be a need of taking instant measures to protect the earth such as reducing carbon emission, using car pool, less use of electronic appliances, use of solar power, wind energy, biofuels, carbon sequestration, etc.

In addition to this, government may impose carbon tax on heavy polluting manufacturing industries. The use of biofuel and wind power can be very helpful in reducing the problem of carbon emission. Biofuel can be used as an alternative of petrol and diesel for vehicles and other machineries. Wind power is another source of energy generation, which will help in reducing the problem of global warming. Biofuel Biofuels are also known as agro-fuels, which are produced from biomass. Biofuels can be used easily in transportation sector as an alternative of gasoline, petrol and diesel.

It can help in reducing the emission of greenhouses gases. Biofuel is in liquid form, which makes it easily handled and pumped. Biofuels secure the fossil fuels as their availability is limited. Asia, Europe and America are known as the major producers and users of biogases (Biofuel Information, n. d. ). The biggest problem in front of researchers is the conversion of biomass energy to liquid fuel. This problem can be solved by two methods—the first is to produce ethanol using the process of fermentation from sugar crops or starch. The second method is to grow plants like jatropha & algae which can produce oil.

This oil can be processed and converted into biodiesels and further can be used for various purposes. Wind Power Wind power refers to the use of wind energy by converting it into some useful form such as electricity. Wind energy is converted into electricity with the help of wind turbines. Today, many countries are being benefited by using wind as a source of electricity. For generating electricity by using wind, wind turbines are used. These wind turbines are mounted around 100 feet or more to take the advantage of fast & less turbulent wind.

A wind turbine has two or three blades attached with a shaft (Wind Energy Basics, 2008). The blades of wind turbine act as a propeller and when the wind blows these blades start revolving. This rotation of blades spins a generator, which makes electricity. Many wind towers are placed together to make large scale wind farms, which are used to make more electricity for large purposes. Environmentalists are also in favor of wind energy as an alternative to other traditional fuels because it is renewable and safe for our earth. Compare & Contrast of Biofuels and Wind Power

Biofuel and wind power are environment friendly sources of energy. These can be used as the alternatives of traditional fuels such as gas, petrol, diesel, etc. The primary advantage of biofuels and wind power is that they can contribute up to a very high level in solving the problem of carbon emission. These are renewable sources of energy and do not produce any greenhouse gases. The use of biofuels can provide more advantages to the farmers and help developing & poor countries to reduce the problem of poverty. Wind farms do not consume any energy as they do not need any fuel.

The primary contrast between these sources of energy is that the development cost of wind farms is high and if the size of wind farm is small, the cost of electricity will also be high. Production of biofuels can create more jobs for the farmers and unemployed & unskilled labor can also be employed in it. In this manner, the production of biofuels is more beneficial for reducing carbon emission and growth of the economy. Conclusion In this manner, the use of biofuels and wind power can solve the problem of carbon emission and global warming up to a heavy extent.

Though both are very good sources of energy, I think that the use of biofuels is more beneficial as it may help in solving the problem of poverty in developing countries. Answer 2 Global warming and climate change are very critical and controversial issues for us. This issue is related to the job cuts of many people also. Many people and unions are against the participation of the United States in international global warming initiatives as they think that the restrictions on carbon emission will cut several jobs in the United States.

This problem of global warming is really very big and must be resolved by adopting some effective methods. I do not agree with this argument that there has to be a choice between reducing carbon emission or jobs. The advent of new technologies, such as using more efficient electronic appliances, less polluting vehicles, and other renewable energy sources (biofuels, solar energy, wind power, etc. ) can contribute heavily in reducing the problem of greenhouse gases emission and the use of these methods do not place any harm for the economy.

According to Howard Geller, Executive Director of the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), many countries including the United States can generate more jobs by establishing new industries, which are beneficial for the consumer, economy and the environment. Geller presented many examples in favor of positive effect on economy from the initiative of reducing global warming. These small and mid-sized companies are involved in either utilizing energy saving practices or manufacturing renewable energy equipments/energy saving products.

For example, Southwall Technologies, which is situated in Palo Alto, California, produces low emissive films & coatings, which are used in energy-efficient windows. The revenue of this company was $18 million in 1993, which grew $50 million in 1997. Trigen Energy Corp. , which is situated in White Plains, NY, deals in cogeneration facilities and heating/cooling systems. In five years, the number of its employees grew up to 760 employees from 200. AstroPower Inc. , which is situated in Newark, DE, produces solar photovoltaic cells and modules.

It is having around 65% average growth in sales revenue over the past five years. These are some of the examples, which show that the initiative of reducing global warming and carbon emission is not accountable for job cuts (Fight Global Warming: Create Jobs & Benefit the Economy, 1998). According to Geller, there are thousands of such examples of businesses, which are involved in manufacturing, selling or implementing energy saving practices in their business operations and they are getting more profits by reducing greenhouse gases emission.

It suggests that the use of technological innovations is more helpful in reducing pollutions and growing economy rather than implementing carbon emission taxes on companies. Geller comments that the use of renewable energy and energy efficient technology as an alternative of fossil fuel will be more advantageous for the United States economy. Along with this, this shift will reduce oil imports, increase saving of consumer’s money and lead the economy towards more labor intensive sectors.

The job cuts due to the initiative of reducing carbon emission is a misleading statement given by The Global Climate Coalition, which involves many coal & oil producers and other manufacturers who consume heavy quantity of fossil fuels. It is misleading the general public from switching them to more energy efficient and renewable energy sources. Van Jones also favors the use of renewable energy sources as an alternative of traditional fuels. In his book, The Green Collar Economy, he states that we should adopt a better energy strategy for the development of a better country and growing economy (Jones, 2008).

Jones gives the concept of green collar economy, which is about protecting and improving the quality of environment and saving the earth as a whole. According to Jones, the green collar workers are those who are involved in manufacturing or implementing renewable energy sources such as installing solar panels, producing bio diesel, developing wind farms, plantation, etc. (Excerpt:: The Green Collar Economy, n. d. ). California is an example of a growing economy, which is reducing the problem of green house gases. Other states of the country should also take it seriously and attempt to reduce carbon emission.

With the use of renewable energy sources and products, we can develop new industries, more jobs and new technology, which will be benefiting the individuals, a society and a country as a whole. Conclusion In this manner, from the above discussion, it can be derived that the assumption of job cuts due to the implementation of reducing carbon emission and global warming strategies & technologies is not true and it can be verified by observing many developing companies, which are either manufacturing or implementing renewable energy practices.

Finally, I am in favor of green collar economy as described by Van Jones. References Barrett, J. et al (2005). JOBS AND THE CLIMATE STEWARDSHIP ACT How Curbing Global Warming Can Increase Employment. Retrieved March 25, 2009, from http://www. rprogress. org/publications/2005/CSAjobs. pdf Biofuel Information. Retrieved March 25, 2009, from http://biofuel. org. uk/ Excerpt: The Green Collar Economy. Yes Magazine. Retrieved March 25, 2009, from http://www. asp? ID=2966 Fight Global Warming: Create Jobs & Benefit the Economy. (1998).

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