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Professional level

Many wonder how athletes arrive at the professional level. There is a process that soccer players must undergo to perform the way that they do; whether it be at practice or in a game. These athletes have to be physically and mentally ready to become the elite soccer player. These steps can help increase your chance of becoming the soccer player of your dreams, but it all comes from how far one is willing to go and the mentality one possesses.

First, one must learn the fundamentals of the game, such as, controlling the ball, dribbling, knowing the positions and their responsibilities, the equipment needed, and rules and regulations. Also, while learning about the positions you can decide which role you would fit best or is more appealing to you. Always keep in mind that every position is a big part of being a team on and off the field. There might be eleven players on the field but you are part of those eleven and were chosen to play on that field.

One must have the mentality to strive and sacrifice what is needed to get to that professional level. Soon after learning the fundamentals of the game and basic training begins, the next step is to play at the competitive level which will determine if one is mentally and physically ready for what is yet to come of the game. This is where the player will be compared among others who either have the mentality of competing at the next level or have no intention of going any where with the soccer. This stage will help determine where you stand physically and mentally.

Along with skill there are other qualities an athlete should have such as, self-motivation, perseverance, optimism, determination, and passion. Soccer players must be able to balance soccer and school or anything else they might be involved in. The game, the sport, requires many sacrifices and knowledge. A player must be fit, skilled, smart on the field, and always ready. College level is right around the corner and if this is what you really want, follow through with it all the way. Finally, preparing through the fundamentals of soccer and playing competitively, the college level is introduced.

College level soccer focuses a lot more on the mental aspect of soccer, if you are mentally fit to play a 90 minute game or if you can get through the last set of sprints during practice. The mindset of a player will determine how far they are willing to go to get to where they have only dreamed of being. Being mentally fit also means you have to be able to balance school work along with practices and games. Understand that here you are having the mindset that you will make it to the big leagues and if you do not, you still have your college degree to fall back on.

All things considered, the decision is up to you. People will question how is it that athletes arrive at the professional level and now you can show them what it takes and how you got there. This can guide you through the process but only you can accomplish the task of getting there. Soccer is a mental and physical game, but it is all in the mindset that one holds. If being a soccer player at the professional is what you strive for, then follow through with it with all of you not just some part of you.

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