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Professional Knowledge and Abilities

The Business Marketing Association is a key professional body in the United States that brings together business to business marketing professions. The association has professional marketers as members who work in different organizations in the business world such as corporate organizations, government agencies, marketing consultants and industrial suppliers. The main aim of the association is to expand and promote professional and expertise growth among it members (BMA-NJ, 2010).

The association was established about eight decades ago and has chapters all over the United States. Business Marketing Association is involved in various activities that are aimed at promoting the professional knowledge and abilities of their members. This includes marketing seminars that focus on modern marketing strategies that makes the professionals aware of the changes in the needs of the market to increase business to business marketing effectiveness. The association also promotes networking among it members to aid effectiveness and exchange of new ideas.

They hold occasional events through out the year giving marketing professionals an opportunity to interact and build business relationships (BMA, 2010). Like any other professional body, the Business Marketing Association has a role to play in the development of professional career in business to business marketing. Other than being a professional body, the association is a scholarly organization and promotes the spread of new knowledge among it members. It is also the responsibility of the associations to promote professional and ethical practices in business to business marketing.

Business Marketing Association therefore promotes links among professional business to business marketers and establishes the values of the profession. For professional development, the organization takes responsibility of protecting the members from abuse and regulating the interactions between the members with the society to safeguard the reputation of the marketing profession. Like other professional organizations, Business Marketing Association has interests in higher education.

This is by providing students pursuing professional courses in business to business marketing with academic and professional study materials. All these attempts are aimed at development of professional knowledge and abilities for a successful career. Reference BMA, (2010). About the Business Marketing Association, retrieved on July 10, 2010 from: http://www. marketing. org/i4a/pages/index. cfm? pageid=3277 BMA-NJ, (2010). The B2B Marketing Professional’s Go-To Source, retrieved on July 10, 2010 from: http://www. bma-nj. org/

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