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Professional Knowledge and Abilities

Acquiring professional knowledge and capabilities is a long involving journey. It constitutes studies at higher education institutions, well defined, guided and measurable working experience and the ability to feature and conform to the values, morals and codes of ethic of a given professional bodies. The fact that some professions are learned right in the university while others are learned through practice and hence experience needs to be appreciated right from the beginning of this paper otherwise its intended purpose might not be realized by the reader.

This is because a controversy occurs on how to asses the competence essential for a person to fit in a professional body. It is in this interest that this paper is written and it identifies the American Society for Industrial Security as a professional body, and describes how it can contribute to increasing professional knowledge and abilities and hence its effect to career. The American society for Industrial Security is one of the long established professional bodies.

It was formed in 1955 with an aim of promoting the effectiveness of security professions by enhancing personal growth and professional development through educational programs and providing information on security matters (American Society for Industrial Security, 2010). ASIS has more than 37000 members over the world and has 13 members of the board of directors. ASIS reorganizes three internationally acknowledged certification programs. One of these certifying bodies is the certified protection Professional (CPP) is very much recognized for its security professional’s approval.

It accredits individuals who have confirmed their ability through examination and best practices. Secondly, we have the professional certified Investigator (PCI) which recognizes individuals who have proved their case management skills. Lastly is the Physical Security professional (PSP), which approves security personnel who have outstanding knowledge and skills to analyze risks and asses treats (American Society for Industrial Security, 2010).

American society for industrial security has contributed much to the increase of knowledge and capabilities in the security areas. For instance, it maintains universal standards for security professionals by providing guidelines and a frame work of handling security matters (American Society for Industrial Security, 2005). In addition to this, it in collaboration with other organization informs their members of the current security matters and practices.

ASIS also provides certification courses which have special requirements established by their expertise members of basis of their knowledge and experience (American Society for Industrial Security, 2010). At a specific time in the security industry, these professional are required by ASIS to undergo some academic learning and a thorough test to determine their capabilities in the different areas of this industry.

Lastly it fights for improvement of this profession by making sure that security personnel are recognized and given the respect they deserve. It also provides security assistance all over the world in areas where the required experience is lacking. One of the major ways in which ASIS improves the security profession success is through their academic training, seminars and the provision of certificates (American Society for Industrial Security, 2004). It forms the standards which are used to higher and measure the performance of the security personnel.

By providing current information of security matters and providing the latest approved methods of handling those security maters, ASIS improves reliability, uniformity and procedures of handling security matters. In conclusion therefore, the American Society for Industrial security plays a major role in developing and promoting professional knowledge and abilities in the security industry. By training and examining its members, ASIS facilitates their career success. References American Society for Industrial Security.

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