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Professional selling

Irrespective of the greatness a product or a service holds, or how talented a salesperson is, a business deal cannot e closed unless customers are made to understand that the product on sale is worthy their attention. Professional selling enables one to effectively understand how to go about selling their products with little ado (Dodge, 2004). I plan to sell vegetable organic food. I have targeted the elderly people from fifty years of age and the younger generation which harbours the goals of living and consuming healthy products.

A good percentage of people have made the realisation that foods served at various eateries are no longer good in terms of health considerations. The unnatural products contain chemicals which play a crucial role towards the attainment of first maturity. The business in mind would be a reflection of Loblaw’s, Sobeys’ privately owned grocery stores. The customer is of undisputed value to a business (Dodge, 2004). As a result, the salesperson must understand the differential customer characteristics.

Towards this end, the seller must understand individual motives; learn customer attitudes, and personality. Towards establishing customer needs, one should enquire about their preferences. Before starting planning on sales, I intend to analyze customer attitudes as suggested above and seek to offer the kind of products they require. This helps in developing knowledge concerning the market. Through both verbal and non-verbal communication, I plan to satisfy the needs captured by this product proposal.

Such communication facilitates identification of needs and a move towards their satisfaction is made. Verbal communication is critical as it enables one identify territorial prospects. Through such prospecting, sales are improved. By looking straight into the eyes of potential customers and paying close attention to customer suggestions, I stand to enhance my listening skills. Reference List Dodge H. R. (2004). Professional selling: a relationship approach. Thomson Custom Pub.

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