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Public Administration

Politics is defined as the “art or science of government (Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, 1993). It is the dynamic nature of political science that has drawn me to pursue my Master’s Degree in Public Administration. My reasons for applying to your program are multi-fold, and based on both my resume and research interests. My reasons for pursuing this field of study merge neatly into my career goals of understanding the system so I can better reform it. In order to better understand my interests and aspirations, you must first understand a bit about my resume. I graduated from Northeastern University with a degree in Political Science.

I am an Iraq war veteran who is currently on deployment. In my position with the military, I provided free legal services by preparing legal and tax documents, and performing legal assistance in high stress environments. I also assisted in conducting research for court cases in various legal fields. Additionally, in my role with the military, I acted as a liaison between the Army enlisted soldiers and the Judge Advocates during any and all legal proceedings. I also worked with the Massachusetts State Legislature as an Intern. In my role as an intern, I conducted research for a cabinet member during the 2007 budgeting period.

I gathered signatures of support from state senators and legislators for important bills. I answered the office telephone with the chief objective of responding to constituent questions and concerns. Finally, I tracked stated and federal congressional voting records for a State Representative during the 2007 budgeting period. My research interests are multi-fold and diverse. I am interested in such things as the Media and Democracy and various trends in politics. In the arena of the Media and Democracy, I wish to look at how the media shapes the debate on policy discussion.

Some examples of this would be during the current economic crisis and the build up to the war in Iraq. I am also interested in researching the use of subject area experts as radio and television analysts. I am also interested in cultural trends such as feminist movements, progressive movements, environmentalism, and capitalist economics from the 1930’s to today. I see these movements as cultural trends and ideology in late capitalism and its effect on policy. My reasons for study are also multi faceted and show how I have changed and wish to change the world in which I live.

When I was younger, I was active in the anti-war movement, especially during my high school and college years. My future plans include becoming an army officer because I believe that it is not just important for an officer to know and understand military strategy, but also how to provide for a lasting peace, which is essentially a political and economic issue. One of my future aspirations is to run for elected office and reform the system in which we live. This matches my main goals in graduate school, which is to better understand the current system so I can reform it.

Graduate school is a chance to grow and learn as people and to discover our true interests. I believe that I have the capacity to grow and learn within this program, as my views have changed with time. I feel that Graduate School will help me better define my views in order to work within the world and to reform it to change the system from within, instead of without. I look forward and embrace the challenges that lay before me, as I know I will be tested on many levels and will use the tests before me to become a better person and a better student.

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