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Rehabilitation program

In any prisoner rehabilitation program, a few strategies need to be adopted in order to improve the outcome and effectiveness of the program. Some of the strategies that need to be incorporated include:- • Having a stronger assessment system • Ensure close monitoring of the progress of any program implemented • Effective case management • Ensuring that the special needs of each individual prisoner is met • The need of the prisoners are determined through an assessment program • Providing justice to the victims (Department for Correctional Services Australia, 2004).

A rehabilitation program needs to concentrate on several aspects including provision of psychotherapy, addressing alcohol and drug abuse, improving their level of education and training, improving interpersonal skills and communications, and ensuring that the inmates are able to develop strong occupational skills. Developing religious and spiritual values can act as a supplement in any prisoner rehabilitation program. It is more important to involve these prisoners in rehabilitative programs rather than keeping them imprisoned and frustrated in their prison cells (Department for Correctional Services Australia, 2004).

Rehabilitation should not be one of the side objectives of the imprisonment, but should be the main goal and outcome. This would not only serve justification for the inmate but also for the victim and for the general public. An imprisonment program that concentrates on punishing the inmate can effectively result in creating anger and aggressiveness in the inmate, from which violence in society can increase (NY Times, 1997). One of the most important strategies in any prison rehabilitation program is the importance to gain good interpersonal and communication skills.

It has been found that sex offenders had poor interpersonal skills and often had difficulty in understanding and insight. Often deviant sexual offenders follow a deviant cycle which includes 4 phases namely, pretend-normal phase, build-up phase, acting out phase and justification phase. Seemingly unimportant decisions tend to trigger sexual deviance leading to unhealthy thoughts, feelings, behavior and circumstances. This can negatively affect self control and would increase sexual deviance leading to unhealthy behavior. About three-fourths of relapses of all sexual deviance would result in negative emotional states.

About 20 % of the relapses of sexual deviance would result in interpersonal conflicts. Once there is an event of interpersonal conflict, there is a high chance of sexual deviance resulting in sexual attacks. Hence, in such rehabilitation programs meant for sexual offenders it to ensure that the offenders are able to socialize and interact positively with other people. Besides, the sexual offenders should be able to gain the skills, knowledge, competencies, etc. Psychotherapy plays a vital role in rehabilitating sexual offenders.

This includes changing the mind-set, thinking process and the behavior of the prisoners. The prisoners should be able to develop strong communication skills, socializing skills and assertiveness training. This would ensure that the offenders would be able to think in a different manner (much more normal), and consider their victims to be normal human beings without any potential of being victimized. The sexual offenders would be having inconsistencies in verbal and nonverbal communications which should be met with through the rehabilitation program (Truman State University, 2009).

It is not only important that the inmates attend such rehabilitation program, but should be able to complete it and be evaluated successfully following the program. If it is found that the inmate lacks certain skills and knowledge, greater efforts should be spend and determining the deficiencies, identifying the cause and making modifications in the program to address these problems. If these inconsistencies are not addressed, there are chances that risky sexual deviance would develop, putting the general public at risk.

Education and healthcare is also an important part of rehabilitation. Training and education can effectively provide a positive means of earning a livelihood and putting one’s ideas to a good use. Ensuring their healthcare needs are met, would help to address any drug or alcohol dependency, provide mental health services and also better management of physical conditions (Truman State University, 2009).

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