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As requested, I have explained the terms you included in your order. You may also find it helpful to use the format of this piece for your final paper as it reflects proper APA styling. Methods This section will be used to describe what you are doing and how you are going to do it in broad terms. You will identify your topic, your theory base, the steps you intend to take to conduct your research, the people and/or groups you intend to involve, the surveys/instruments you intend to use, and so forth. Definition of Terms

When preparing research, it’s often necessary to use limited and/or technical terms. For example, you are exploring language acquisition, so you may need to define your subjects. If you are working with “immigrants” born outside of the United States who came to the US with their parents, but you limited the survey group to those over the age of 16, you would list “immigrant” in this section and explain the reference refers to those born outside of the US who came to America with their parents and who were at least 16 years of age when surveyed/interviewed. Instruments Used

Describe any surveys, interview techniques, and other materials you used to collect the data for your research paper. Given your topic, it seems logical you will have a survey and possibly interviews. Theoretical Perspectives The above term refers to the guidelines you will follow while choosing your topic and conducting your research. If you are preparing your research paper for a class, you will have studied a number of theoretical perspectives as part of the coursework, and it will be up to you to choose among the theories presented by your instructor and/or your texts.

(If you spoke extensively about a particular researcher, look to this person’s theories while condicting your research. ) Results of Statistical Analysis Once you have collected your data, you will analyze it. In terms of your topic, you’ll reveal what you learned about the acquisition of language as reported by your subjects. Summary of Results This section will present an overview (i. e. a summary) of the results of your data analysis.

It should include how successful surveys, interviews and the use of tools was where applicable. Meaning of Results For this section, you will review the three previous three sections and make sense of what you have discovered while performing your research. In other words, what does all of what you’ve done mean? (Remember, your research perspective began with the theoretical approach you chose. It was with this theory in mind that you collected your data, and that data led to your statistical analysis.

Once you had your data and you analyzed it, you summarized your results. ) Limitations of the Study This section identifies any limitations your study contains and acknowledges your awareness of them. For example, you state in your order that you will be using 3-4 subjects which will result in a limitation: so few people will not be representative of the whole community you represent in your paper. (Limitations are a part of any research, but you must acknowledge them to remain credible.

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