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Self Assessment Importance of Learning Literature

Since times immemorial, the reading and study of literature has been stated to produce exceptional effects in the reader and the learner. While some read literature simply for the enjoyable effects it produces, others study it for the development of skills, analytical, linguistic and literary. Literature enables individuals to transcend into a new world, the world of knowledge. The learning of this English literature course has proved to be tremendously beneficial to me. It has enabled me to improve my reading and vocabulary skills and has improved my confidence.

The literature course have added value to my life and has improved my outlook towards life. Literature is a window to the elite and sophisticated world and through this course I have been able to read about several societies and cultures. Through literature, I have been able to create connection between the texts and my personal experiences and this has provided me with a completely different perspective of life. Literature has an aesthetic quality to it, and is an art form which is a beautiful expression of life in the world, by sensitive individuals popularly termed as writers.

Literature courses are not complete until different meanings and perceptions are discussed in class, which enable students to build upon their knowledge base through interactions with other students in class. Literary discussions in class have been extremely valuable giving me the opportunity to listen to the different perceptions and viewpoints of individuals which have broadened my outlook towards life and its different meanings. Through the different discussions, I have learnt how to share ideas to benefit each other without getting into arguments.

I have also learnt that opposing viewpoint enable individuals to share knowledge so that the understanding and interpretations of the texts facilitate enjoyment and pleasure. One of the most important functions of literature is that it provides pleasure through cooperative classroom climates. Students develop a sense of responsibility for working with each other and make decisions according to the concerns and needs of all those involved in class, teaching the vital skills of functioning effectively and helpfully in society as well.

Most importantly, literature has taught me the importance of gender equality and has forced me to shed any prejudices I had in the past. The learning gained through this literature course is particularly relevant to me since it has developed my outlook towards society and culture and has made me more sensitive to the needs and views of others. Through the knowledge of different personalities in the literature texts, I have been able to develop the crucial skills required to gauge people and their personalities.

The course has enabled me to improve my linguistic skills in addition to the improvement of my grammar, vocabulary and comprehension skills. The learning of literature has given me the ability to read and understand different literary styles and apply them to my personal life in the bets possible ways. By developing the vital skills of reading literary texts I am now able to engage and participate in meaningful discussions on a variety of topics and issues.

By developing the ability to interpret the textual knowledge and through the views of the other members of the class, I have learnt the joy of sharing knowledge and increasing it through meaningful dialogue. There has been a radical change in my behavior since I am now more sensitive to the views and perceptions of others around me. I have learnt the vital skill of listening and its importance in acquiring important knowledge. Through the texts I have been able to rid myself of the gender prejudices which I had developed through the society I function in and have been able to broaden my overall outlook towards life.

Sensitivity and patience are two crucial skills which I have gained through this course and I have been able to develop a new understanding of the world around me. I have learnt to think critically and analyze fact before arriving at conclusions. The most important change which has occurred in my behavior is the development of my personality through the confidence I have gained through this course, additionally, the course has also been instrumental in developing my relationship with my parents by enhancing my communication skills and illustrating the role and importance of family in life.

By studying the literary works, I have improved my understating of cultural evolution and its distinctiveness in relation to other cultures and communities. I addition, I have developed insight regarding my relationship to the culture which I am studying. Most importantly, I have developed skills in literary analysis and the capability to express myself orally as well as in written form. Literature has the unique quality and ability to humanize the world (Goethe) with practical importance.

Literature provides an account of the ideals of people, including love, faith, duty, morals, ethics, friendship and all emotive values necessary for leading a worthy life. This learning of literature has developed in me the crucial understanding of the deeper meanings of life and has been vital in producing a change in my attitude and behavior towards people and society. I have learnt the vital comprehension skills and have also learnt how to put these skills to use in practical life.

The course and class discussion have improved my written and oral communication skills which I can effectively put to use in my daily life. Most importantly, literature has broadened my outlook towards life and has enabled me to understand the value of different viewpoints and perceptions in the world. I have also learnt that through discussion and communications, I will be bale to increase upon my knowledge base and put it to use for my benefit. I have learnt the art of appreciation, of art, literature and the good in people.

Most importantly, I will be able to use this art of understanding to my practical life and recognize the good in people. The learning of literature will enhance the way I function in life and will improve my future relationships with people, making them more positive. The sensitivity developed through this course for nature and for the entire universe in general will enable me to strive in preserving nature and its numerous bounties. I will strive to preserve the environment and all of the beautiful creations of the world.

I have also learnt the importance of preservation of values and will strive to uphold dignity and virtue as much as possible. Human relations, most importantly, familial relationships are extremely important for the smooth functioning of any society and culture and through this knowledge I will aspire to value all my relationships, especially those with my family members and close friends. This literature course has been an eye opener in more ways than one.

It has developed sensitivity and openness of different cultures and communities of the world and has facilitated in me the ability to recognize the good in people from different communities. Every culture has some good to offer and in today’s global community, cultural awareness is a must. Through this course I have gained the crucial understanding of the importance of diversity in life. Classroom atmospheres in literature courses facilitate cooperativeness and responsibility so that students develop the necessary skills to collaborate with each other, keeping in mind the interests and needs of others.

I have learnt to assume responsibility of my own actions and to respect multiple perspectives on different topics and issues which could be sensitive. Through coordination and cooperation, I have become a better listener and have developed the ability to learn from the perspective of others, an attribute which is important for political harmony. These attributes and changes enable atmospheres in class and subsequently in society which are conducive to democracy and diversity in society.

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