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The Importance of Learning from an Esteemed University

I am at a point in my life where I am prepared to advance my knowledge through education, and knowing that self fulfillment can only be attained by being able to reach one’s personal goals while being of significant service to one’s community, I have opted Nursing as the choice of my advocacy. Most significant among my reasons for this endeavor is my aspiration to be in a frontline position to administer health care services.

Hence, I do not aspire to be in a hospital administration or any other department where I will not be able to be directly involved in the allocation of health care services, but am in fact exuberant in being able to be given the opportunity to be a proud member of professional medical practitioners. Stating the bases for opting Nursing as my way of attaining my dream, the next step would be to search for a college/university that has shown a commendable record in its Nursing programs.

Needless to say, this is where LSU School of Nursing proves to be the most logical choice, as evidenced by the long years of service to the academia that has produced the most competitive nurses in our nation. This is also true in other technical and theory-based disciplines that the university teaches under its wings. With LSU School of Nursing guiding my educational path, I am certain to be instructed in the most proficient manner that will benefit me with the necessary skills and the correct ethical principles that are needed in the nursing profession.

This I believe is the true measure of a professional medical practitioner; he or she does not limit himself with the technicalities of giving relief to the sick, but does in fact possess the moral capability to show true compassion to his/her patients. As abovementioned, I am aware that I am in a stage where I have the potential to advance my knowledge through higher education. I am declaring this based on my level of development, both in emotional and intellectual.

By emotional I aspire to be justified by my belief that ethical standards must go hand-in-hand with professional competence; and by intellectual I mean to make as a standard, my desire to learn form a highly esteemed academic institution. I am certain that the time has come for me to pursue my life’s dream, and that now is most appropriate especially since I have acquired a certain level of maturity that will most surely prove advantageous for the hardships inherent in higher education, much so in nursing.

Having read the LSU-HSC’s Vision and Mission Statements have made me bolster my belief with my readiness to face the challenges ahead, specifically those that being under the tutelage of a premier academic institution will present. Notably, it is surprising to learn that the university’s esteemed core values such as care, integrity, respect, excellence, diversity, and professionalism, are the very qualities that I hope to acquire in my years as a professional nurse.

Also, I believe that my present level of maturity, both emotional and intellectual, will allow me to be a highly productive member of the LSU-HSC academic community, as I will be capable of being a good follower and a leader as well. Based on the qualities that I have earlier presented, my aspiration is to contribute significantly to the greatness of the university by being both a prime example of a student who does not know any limitations to his learning, and a subordinate who humbly yet aggressively aspires to be tutored by the best educators in our nation.

Based on the reading I have made regarding the School of Nursing’s vision and mission statements, I am certain that it is not by chance that the university that I aspire to be accepted from, and my own personal virtues concerning ethical and professional values, are of the same avenue; it is destiny, most certainly, that has shown me the way to the standards that the LSU-HSC School of Nursing present.

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