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University of Tennessee

It is our willingness and dedication to find ways to improve is what motivates and inspires us to seek better opportunities in our respective profession. This is what keeps us determined to look for ways to improve our careers and eventually reach success. Though we may encounter setbacks and difficulties along the way, it is our continued perseverance to overcome this that teaches us how life is supposed to be lived. With these mentioned, I wish to present my intention to apply for a Doctor of Nursing Practice Program at the University of Tennessee.

The career in the medical profession has always given me the chance to actively express who I am as a person. It has introduced me into opportunities that I cannot imagine possible. Since I was a child, it has always been my intention to provide service to other people. It gives me the satisfaction to see that other people getting better lives and at the same time recovering what seems to have been lost. It is this calling for medical care that has pushed me to pursue my degree in nursing. As I tread towards this goal, I took up an ADN Program at Holmes Community College and obtained my bachelor’s degree in 1994.

In here, I was able to grasp and acquire the skills needed to understand my field. It opened my eyes to the numerous ways wherein a medical nurse can facilitate care to patients. At the same time, it introduced me to several ways where I can expand and cultivate my capabilities both as a professional and a person. After graduation, I sought to apply my previous education in the understanding of the theories and concepts in real life applications. It is in here that I had experienced a myriad of cases both see to test my familiarity and patience in the realm.

At times, it really felt difficult that I was on the verge of giving up and quitting my job. However, I did not use these events as a hindrance in my career. On the other hand, I nurtured my notion that these things do occur. Amidst these hurdles and obstacles came a realization that I need to find ways to increase my competency and skill. In my resolve to find what area I am to specialize, the feeling came to me when I was doing my rounds at the hospital. In here, I came to socialize with and attend to a patient who was maltreated and suffered sexual abuse from his father.

It was my first time to encounter such case and I was a bit shocked about the issue. As days passed, I took my time visiting the patient; often mingling and talking. It is in here that I realized that I want to be a sexual assault nurse examiner. It is my contribution and service to women who have had the same experience. With this mindset, I underwent training and sought ways to integrate my understanding towards facilitating care that is encompassing and sympathetic in nature. It satisfied me to see that these women are getting better everyday and fighting hard to cope with their situation.

In my own simple ways, I can shed hope that change can still be possible. It encouraged me to help them fight and overcome this turmoil and anguish they are feeling inside. In all of these, I gave them the respect that they deserve and sought for ways that will help the cope towards the experience/s they had to undergo. Given this long term goal, I persevered and worked hard till I have the sufficient income to support my further education. The opportunity came to study again and I took up my BSN degree at Delta State University.

Working both as an assistant nurse and a student was a mixture of difficult and unique experiences. It opened my eyes to realities in life. It showed me that given a sufficient hard work and dedication, I can be something I wanted to be no matter how long it takes. It only takes patience and inspiration to continuously seek betterment and improvement. In the end, all my hard work paid off as I am due to graduate in May 2009. However, I feel that having a BSN degree is only a stepping stone in my profession.

Now, as I embark into another crossroad in my life, I find myself thinking about my future both as a professional, an individual and a parent. It is with these realization that I had made up my mind that I want to pursue my DNP degree. Looking at it in a wider perspective, I feel the need to return to the community what I had learned and acquired through the course of my study. I want to initiate the change needed to increase awareness not only in victims of sexual assault and in the overall understanding of healthy living and lifestyle.

For my part, this degree can give me the competency and increased skill in handling complex situations. At the same time, I can have the necessary capabilities that can help uplift my status within the hospital and generate greater opportunities for me in the near future. Being a parent, this degree can help me solidify a stable career and better job in the future. By finishing my DNP program, I can increase my earning potential which can be a great help for my husband who is disabled and daughter who is nearing her college education. Seeing this, I would like to be able to provide financial assistance for her college education.

In the end, by giving me this opportunity to be part of the community, I can actively achieve both my short and long term goals. I know that the University of Tennessee offers and provides students with the best training and hone them to be whoever they want to be. Given this situation, I feel that I cannot only help myself both as a professional and parent; I can actively reach out to individuals who need medical care and attention the most. This is what I feel to be the ultimate purpose of my practice – facilitating unwarranted service and dedication.

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