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Social networking

Social networking sites continue to draw immense scholarly attention not only because they are a new phenomena but because of their popularity. My space. com is one such site that since its inception in 2003 has continues to attract millions of users. The effects that social networking sites are having on the society and especially on the young users are starting to be felt and there exists numerous articles on the issue. In his article, Posting too much information on social networking sites may be dangerous, Rob (2006) explores how young teenagers are exposing themselves to strangers through myspace. com.

The article contains detailed interviews from different individuals by the author Rob Stafford. The first to be interviewed is Shannon Sullivan, an underage myspace. com user. Shannon joined the social networking site a year ago and being fully aware that the site only allows access to only persons above 14 years old indicated that she was 18. In her profile, she has indicated all her privy details including her address making it easier for any person with access to her profile to locate her. Her mother, Margaret Sullivan, who is well versed with computers, came across the site on her computer but had not heard of it before.

She was stunned by the amount of information her daughter had revealed in the site, the site also had materials and pictures that are unsuitable to young teenagers. The author explains the various contents that are to be found in the myspace. com, “we found scenes of binge drinking, apparent drug use, teens posing in underwear, and other members simulating sex, and in some cases even having it” (Rob, 2006) An interview with Parry Aftab, a lawyer involved in internet safety, indicates that this is becoming an increasingly serious problems.

Children are exposing themselves to all manner of dangers and even revealing their personal information and addresses to pedophiles. He advises parents to take decisive actions against their children and deny them access to the internet if the need be. The article ends by Parry urging the parents not to be intimidated by technology as these are still their kids and they should control what access they have on the internet. Jasmin A. P (2008) in her article, MySpace can bring shy kids out of their shells, presents a complete different picture of myspace.

com. The article looks at the existing benefits of online social networking and maintains it stands t benefit the teenagers. The article presents the story if Jessica Kellen who is currently aged 14. She joined myspace. com at the age of 12 and misrepresented her age to be 17, she was able to strike a chord with a 17 years old boy. According to Jessica, this is a fete she could not have accomplished had she met the boy by herself; myspace. com helped her overcome her shyness.

The article allays fears that parents and guardians have over their children interacting in the social networking sites, the author maintains that “the kids most at risk for encountering trouble on MySpace are the ones who are looking for it” (Jasmin, 2008) The article also incorporates expert advice which also is of the view that social networking sites such as myspace. com are essential in today’s world and can offer children a wealth of experience. The existing research, according to the article, has it that myspace.

com has contributed positively in bettering peoples lives; it particularly has helped teenagers deal with the issues of self esteem through the various useful interactions with their friends over the internet. The article concludes by observing that the people one meets with in myspace. com could turn out to be real and useful friends. Undoubtedly, social networking sites are taking interactions to a new height and the above articles have explored a very pertinent issue. It is important to observe that the sentiments expressed in the articles are some of the issues cropping up with the increase in the internet use.

There are fears that unrestricted access of children to myspace. com may be detrimental to their well being. Revealing too much information to strangers may endanger the children. At the same time, it is an experience that puts them abreast with the day to day happenings and increases their interaction with friends. Myspace. com is an important site that has come at the nick of time, when interactions and communications are being carried out over the internet. With limitation in time and space, I have found myspace. com to be an effective method of getting in touch with my friends as well as make new ones.

There are a number of benefits to be accrued through myspace. com, it goes without saying that it has enhanced interactions and enabled people to stay in touch with their old friends and hence expanding their social networks. Businesses have also immense opportunities to market themselves, on the same breath consumers too have access to a wide range of information regarding various products being advertised. It has enhanced the flow of information and it taking the place of emails and tedious phone calls. People can interact and know about each other in an interesting way.

There are a number of risks too. Myspace. com has emerged to be a highly entertaining site and also highly addictive, people have been found to spend a huge amount of their time interacting and posting personal stuffs taking up a considerable portion of their productive time. Other risks involve security; the information given out cannot be termed out as private and may fall in the hands of questionable beings. This information exposes individuals to physical dangers as well as to blackmail. I am an avid visitor of myspace. com, doing so at least once in a day.

I have found that it ease boredom especially when I do not have a lot in my hands. I also have to log in constantly to keep tally of various communications from my friends. References Rob S (April 5, 2006) why parents must mind MySpace: Posting too much information on social networking sites may be dangerous. NBC News. Retrieved on April 20, 2009 from http://www. msnbc. msn. com/id/11064451/ Jasmin A. P. (April 24, 2008) MySpace can bring shy kids out of their shells. Making friends online can come easier and can raise self-esteem offline. Msnbc. com. Retrieved on April 20, 2009 http://www. msnbc. msn. com/id/24161656/

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