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Strangers in a small world by Pico Iyer

‘Strangers in a small world’ has been penned down by Pico Iyer. An international writer, born to Indian parents, schooled in England, lived in California before settling in Japan. Due to his international background, he calls himself as a nowhere. Through his essay he wishes to highlight the dark, seamy side of global world’s beautiful picture. Pico presents before his entire different but credible stance; when the entire world is cherishing on gaining global world’s membership.

What he purports throughout the essay is the realization of increased responsibilities as a result of getting closer and familiar more than ever. Moral, social duties are rather ignored, misunderstood by global partners in their jubilation and these challenges he fears to be of enormous intensity. (Iyer, 1994) Main Purpose and Essay’s Organization Man is a social animal. Ever since his arrival, he has been engaged with humans around him. This interaction becomes almost an obligation because during all times in history, seclusion has been labeled as either saintly or satanic.

Globalization the pinnacle of man’s connectivity is exposed by Iyer as a shallow superficiality concealing tragic truths beneath. His main purpose in writing is to present not so fair, attractive but highly tragic realities under the beautiful carpet of a common world concealed either intentionally or unintentionally. He begins with an introductory note on the charms of globalization. He describes it to be a self-created fairy tale with shallow, ineffective flow of events for a bright, happy end-note. Gradually he exposes existent fallacies, hidden ugliness due to this ambitious venture.

(Iyer, 1994) Firstly he touches upon the global vices of flesh trade, smuggling getting exchanged swiftly and freely due to global influence. Then he labels connectivity, closeness of different races as an illusion. Finally, he throws last stone in calm waters of globalization by the exposition of moral, ethical, emotional pressing demands inflicted upon all due to it. Pico considers globalization through all this exposure as a gigantic, looming responsibility to shoulder. (Iyer, 1994) Issues Suggested In the Essay

Iyer’s essay brings to light many a sensitive issues. His stance is weighty and appreciable in this regard that he stands out to expose darker truths. Rather than trumpeting the globalization song, he tries to act sincerely in touching upon the sensitive corners. The flesh trade owes its flourish-ment, inducement to globalization; a fact which no one can dare deny. Ethical, moral, societal differences even within blood relations affect deeply, then what about millions of humans interconnected but without any emotional attachment or respect for one another?

Exile predicaments, war, bloodshed, injustice’s recurring reminiscences, status quos, privileges of effluent’s degrading the downtrodden globally with apparent deception of developing a brotherhood are some grave issues touched. His contribution lies in highlighting deliberately ignored truth. (Iyer, 1994) Organization of the Essay Pico’s language is simple yet profound; style brief but imbued with psychological rendering, thus his essay conveys and convinces. The effectiveness of prose writing lies in brevity and in inducing brain exercises.

It is a precise essay hitting right at the desired nail i. e. unprecedented dangers of globalization. Pico organized his essay in a debate like manner. In presenting all pros and cons, dark, hidden corners as well as shallow, beaming truths, Pico renders profundity to his essay. Thus his intended aim is conveyed effectively. (Iyer, 1994) Reference Iyer, P. (1994, September 1). Strangers in a small world. Retrieved May 10, 2010, from Harper’s Magazine: http://www. harpers. org/archive/1994/09/0001776

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