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Sustainable Urban Livelihood

The continuous migration of many people in the cities and in those already high-populated areas is inevitable. Such scenario caused a lot of effects in the lives of these people and to the entire nation as well. Long before, there were already people who transfer from countryside to the cities in order to find a better living and quality of life. However, with surge of the populace evacuating their lands and venturing into residing in the cities, these benefits will be much harder to achieve.

Moreover, many problems rises resulting to this demographic imbalance which would need urgent and decisive actions to sustain the livelihood of each of the member of the populace. Urbanization is the progression of human migration from rural areas into the urban areas like cities and metropolis. With such resettlements, more than half of the entire world populations are already living in the urban areas. As a result, there are many urban residents that are considered as living below the poverty line.

With these situations already happening, these urban areas should be sustained well enough until more people inhabit the said highly populated cities and metropolis. By definition, sustainability is the capability of a person or an entity to carry on despite of problems present at hand. Such is much needed by the cities that are now experiencing the effects of over population in their respective regions. These areas are also seen to have substantial increase in the demographic data in the years to come. It is therefore these areas that should be the center of any effort to sustain the quality of living.

There are many problems that can be seen with the continuous migration of people in the cities. Each problem has its causes and then, its effect on the people itself. Here are some of the problems and the very details of each of the said problem. Food Scarcity Agriculture is an essential factor in the society. This sector provides the main need of human to exist: food. With the rising population, food distribution would surely be affected because of the rising demands for food while there is little increase in the production of agricultural products.

Similarly, more inhabitants would need more lands to occupy, decreasing the areas that can be utilized in the food production. If this problem would continue, many people would suffer from malnutrition and the prices of basic commodities will be higher due to the demands of goods. Health Care Increasing population in already populated areas would also weaken the health care system of the said city. This is because more people with various health histories are now interacting with other people, posing threats on the lives of other settlers.

In addition to that, more demands should be met by the local authorities since more there are more people that should be given the said health benefits. The effect of this problem would be on everybody that settles in the said cities. Many people will be deprived of the appropriate care by the hospitals and as an end result, there will be a higher mortality rate for the concerned urban areas. Air and Water Pollution With the increase consumption due to rising population, more wastes are produced and if not controlled well, pollution will be a major problem.

Domestic wastes will surely increase since more inhabitants are thriving in the region. Moreover, growing population would attract industrialization which is also a source of air and water pollution in various urban areas. In the same manner, commercial establishments would also be thriving and will also add in the wastes being produced. A long-term effect threatens the society with the increasing wastes and pollution in various urban areas. The health of the people will also be greatly affected by the contaminated water and air since some of the diseases are caused by such pollution of air and water.

Noise Pollution As overcrowding becomes imminent in the urban areas in the years to come, noise pollution will inevitably become a problem. More people residing in a particular area has a tendency to produce more noise compared to those areas with less number of settlers. As an effect, much inconvenience on the part of many people will happen and this might lead to a more stressful environment. Peace and Order As the number of people continue to increase in a specific area, peace and order is much needed to provide security to each of the citizen.

Crime rates are also expected to surge in proportion with the increasing number of localities. For local authorities, more personnel will be needed in order to secure crowded areas. Because of that, more funds are required to finance the maintenance of peace and order. If this problem will be left unsolved, there will be a setback on the progress of the said cities because of the threat to the security of each person thriving in the said cities. There are far more problems that arises with the continuous urbanization of major cities and other places.

If these dilemmas continue, more problems will come out and this would also bring harm to the entire populace. However, there are still solutions that can be made to hinder the said problems affecting the concerned areas. Sustainability is very critical in every urban area to maintain the quality of living and progress of the said region. As the population continues to increase, production of food should also be increase to cope up with the increasing demand on basic commodities.

In addition to that, proper zoning should be practiced in order to avoid the decrease of farmlands due to land conversions from agriculture to industrial or residential area. In maintaining the quality health care in an urban area, the local government should be aware of adding more funds so that each person will be treated with proper health care. In battling air and water pollution, proper implementation of laws should be made in order to avoid the proliferation of wastes in the concerned area.

Educating the citizen about proper segregation of garbage should be a continuous effort in order to reduce garbage production of the populace. Consistent efforts should be made by the local authorities to ensure the peace and order of the concerned areas. Cooperation between the populace and the authorities is much needed to guarantee the sustainability of the livelihood of each in urban areas. Only by this collaborative effort can these problems be resolved and have a better quality of living even in highly-populated areas.

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