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Technical as well as the aesthetic aspects

I measure the grade I deserve by the amount of learning I get from the class, from the teacher and even from my fellow students. I feel that I’ve earned (and I’m hoping to get) an A for this class. I have learned so much about writing, about people’s experiences, about a lot of things. Most importantly, I’ve learned a lot about myself. I love movies, and I wish we could have written and read more movie reviews.

That way, we could have discussed the technical as well as the aesthetic aspects of a film, and share with the class what we appreciate about a movie and how we think we could improve it if we were to produce or direct it ourselves. This is not to say that the class is lacking in terms of other things. As I’ve indicated, the learning I got from this class is very valuable and diverse. The assignments, while very challenging, really taught me how to think and organize and put my thoughts in a coherent manner. One of my most favorite assignments was the last one, touching on personal causes that become political or public advocacy.

Because the assignment required us to think of things that happened to us, I was able to do a lot of introspection of what happened to my life so far, and I learned to appreciate a person’s friendship as well as the effects of that friendship on my life. On the other hand, my least favorite was the one about convincing graduating high school students to pursue a college education. Although that particular assignment proved helpful in my own decision and had helped me to learn more about the economics of going and not going to college, I feel bad about it because I felt that I was belittling those who chose not to go to college.

I mean, one of the running ideas in my head at the time of writing it was to prove that those who attend college have much better chances at success, and earning more money. I know quite a handful of people who are happy and successful but did not go to college and earn a degree, but I was not able to include this idea in the paper, because I only realized it after rereading the things I wrote. In a sense also, I equated success and happiness with the amount of money you earn, and this is something that I do not necessarily believe in.

Now that we’re at the end of the course, I am glad to say that I had fun while learning. Thanks to _____________ for that. If asked for advice about passing or being successful in this course, I’d probably say the same things. Have fun. Have fun researching about the things you would like to include in your papers, have fun reading, have fun writing. Don’t worry too much about organizing your ideas, it will come naturally once you have sufficient material and you have decided on what slant to take or which side you’re going to argue. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, but do learn from it.

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