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The concert Michael W. Smith

The concert opened with Michael W. Smith playing keyboard for Steven Curtis Chapman and a duet ensued after that. This was followed by Chapman playing several hit songs. He then sang a love song which he wrote for his wife, Mary Beth Chapman. He also shared the story behind the song Cinderella, which was dedicated to his daughter who was ran over by a vehicle and killed, but written for his daughter who grew up and became married. Later in the concert, a fundraiser was announced for the sponsorship of less fortunate Chinese children which pertained to Steven’s charity.

Michael came on and sang A New Hallelujah, Friends, and Prince of Peace. He told the audience about the true story behind the song, This Is Your Time. It was, in fact, written in remembrance of a girl at Columbine who was asked by a murderer, “do you believe in God? ” When she said yes, he killed her. There was a young man in the audience who held a sign saying, “All I want for my birthday is to meet Michael W Smith”. He was called on the stage by Michael to meet him and Steven. For that particular person, it was a dream come true, meeting his favorite gospel artists face to face and up close for the first time.

The dynamics of the concert, as far as sound is concerned, is filled with variety, tenderness, and a certain appeal towards morality and human dignity. Unlike non-Christian gigs normally seen by young people today, the concert at Abbas House is sober and meaningful, and it takes the people’s emotions through a wholesome but exciting ride. Michael Smith used a Yamaha CP keyboard model, and the cool piano sound of any Yamaha keyboard certainly fits gospel style songs any day. The merge of Michael Smith and Steven Chapman’s music has produced a terrific sound combination.

Smith was known for heart warming gospel pop song ballads, while Chapman was remembered for his blues and funky gospel feel. Both artists have written songs which have melodies that remain in the minds of its hearers for decades. The number of people who showed up in the concert at Abbas House was relatively smaller compared to concerts by rock stars outside the gospel realm, but surely, the memories and good music during that night will definitely remain ingrained in the hearts of those who attended. Doubtless, Steven Curtis Chapman and Michael W. Smith made history in the world of gospel music that night.

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