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The Getty Museum

The Getty museum is perhaps the most coveted architectural commission in the whole world. In the Museum, clear sight lines that exist between interior and exterior spaces enable the visitors move inside and outside of the five gallery pavilions. Exterior courtyard spaces comprise of fountains and a variety of trees which include Mexican Cypress trees and the cactus backyard to the south. A circular building found to the west of the Central Garden accommodates the Getty Research Institute (GRI), used mainly by Getty scholars, staff, as well as visiting researchers.

The circular library evokes the thoughtful nature of scholarly research, with availability of book stacks and reading areas that enclose around a central courtyard. A slope creates beautiful concentric paths, promoting interaction among the scholars together with the staff. The presence of skylight pulls brightness inside the subterranean reading area. Below the plaza level there is a small exhibition gallery that display carvings in the GRI’s compilation for visitors (Paul 33). The most significant architectural elements on top of the Getty Center’s are the normal natural light.

The availability of the outer walls s of the glasses lets sunshine to illuminate the interiors. A computer-aided system of louvers and shades regulates the light indoors. Various painting galleries on top of the Museum’s are all of them naturally lit, with unique filters to prevent any sort of damage to the artworks. With each building built beside each other at a slightly different elevation, the visitors get to know the site as an archaeological excavation, various perspective offer new discoveries. The place is family-friendly, compose of special family room. Rooms for gallery games, weekend family workshops as well as story telling.

There are also special features for children especially during the summer and all the weekends (Frel and Paul 78). To sum it up all, the architecture is a work of art that is so entrancing. The collections are remarkable and comprise of some fine pieces of art. The buildings are more interesting than one can really think of. Works Cited John Paul Getty Museum and Machado and Silvetti Associates. The Getty Villa. UK: Machado and Silvetti Associates, Inc, 2005. Jiri Frel and John Paul Getty Museum. Greek Vases in the J. Paul Getty Museum. UK: The J. Paul Getty Museum publishers, 1986.

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