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The Ghost of Mississippi: A Film Analysis

Justice has always been attributed to the perceptions formed by man. For the longest time, different beliefs and status quo were considered beneficial in the way people would react to their environment. There were times when justice needs to be served accordingly, but ends up in a different direction. One of the films to exhibit such perceptions about life is known as The Ghost of Mississippi. Directed by Rob Reiner, the film mirrors how a widow, named Myrlie Evers, did everything she can to seek justice for the slaying of her husband, Medger Evers.

Regardless of all the struggles attributed to the case of husband, Medger, Myrlie experienced numerous difficulties. For thirty years, she went under the scrutiny of people, and experienced numerous discriminations especially towards skin color. In the end, Myrlie’s dedication finally gave her husband justice. The shooter, Byron De La Beckwith, was reviewed as the suspect, and was sentenced to lifetime imprisonment. I must say that the portrayal of the characters was disappointing.

There was nothing else to see beyond their character other than what was presented in the film. For Myrlie Edgar’s (Whoopi Goldberg) character, her life was focused only on her quest to find the truth about her husband’s death and eventually serve him justice. Other than this information, nothing much is said about the character. In addition to this, Bobby DeLaughter’s (Alec Baldwin) character was as mysterious as it may seem. As the film started, viewers were brought to the impression that DeLaughter was similar to a young boy struggling to make it big in the world.

However, not much detail were given as to why he was determined to win Edger’s case. In so doing, the relevance of his wife’s complicated nature was also a big question to viewers. As viewers, we would be able to form the impression that there were underlying reasons for each factor presented. Aside from the acting abilities of the characters, much detail may be given to the theme of the film. From the start, it may be noted that the issues shown were focused on the issues associated with Civil Rights.

In so doing, the attention seemed to be more focused on the white characters, other than the fair treatment deemed from everyone. Though the film showed much about one’s quest for justice, it may also be noted that people who have colored skin have been treated differently and unfairly. For every film, the actors and the actresses play an important role in the fulfillment of such film. Whoopi Goldberg’s performance of Myrlie Edger was poignant and filled with meaning.

The way she looks and interacts with people becomes an effective way of showing how racial discrimination is practiced in the country. Regardless of all her hard work and strength, there are still certain things that could not be given much attention. In so doing, Myrlie Edger’s character also served as an inspiration for many – regardless of color. Through the simple deeds she exhibited all throughout the film, it may be evident that Myrlie was basically a simple person misunderstood by people who saw her only for the physical appearance.

Yes, I know that much time and effort were given for this particular detail; however, these are the essential details that made the whole film possible. On the other hand, Alec Baldwin was equally talented as Whoopi Goldberg. Though his role as Bobby DeLaughter was only supportive to that of Myrlie Edger, he was able to showcase the numerous emotions that a white individual may feel at the time when racial discrimination was still rampant. Regardless of living like hell with his wife, he still remained his composure and respect for many.

Little was said about the other details of his life, yet these become a very interesting subplot for the story. It shows that no matter how successful he was, there were still certain things about DeLaughter’s life that could not be changed. Despite all of his hard work and dedication to be of service to others, imperfections would still come his way. As for the theme of the film, I must say that credit should be given to the scriptwriter. Thought the story was simple and ordinary, the details presented were close to real life and may seem common for many.

In this regard, the perceptions of the viewers may be altered through the simple ideologies presented in the film. Moreover, the coincidences presented in the film were not something to be sought after. Although the twists were evidently shown, they do not appear extraordinary to the eye. The viewers would be able to decipher what would happen to the characters by the end of the film. This was quite disappointing from my end, for I felt that not much effort were shown in adaptation of these particular scenes.

Winning the case was not the only thing that the Evers family received – they should have been treated with much love, respect and treated fairly in terms of everything. Watching the film allowed me to learn more about the realities in life. Not everything in life should be dictated by what our society deems from each and every one of us. In our conscious effort to gain equality amongst people, it is important to learn the harsh realities of life that have been hidden from us for a long time.

Discrimination of any kind should not be practiced for it degrades the kind of life people struggle to be in. Furthermore, it is also important to remain open minded about how the world functions, and the people who have played an important role in their lives. A simple yet poignant story that tells us how to deal with a simple life and react as it turns complex. I recommend this film to people from all ages, and all cultures, so that much understanding may be given to one another. Out of ten stars, I would rate this film a seven.

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