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The New Face of Development

All three articles provided for review deal with the problems associated with the provision of international development aid. The first explains that private and corporate aid must supplement government funding, as needs increase and change because of emerging environmental and man made issues. The second targets the ideology of development. Finally the third focuses on a particular project in the village of Sauri, Kenya, which was part of the UN sponsored millennium program designed to the economic viability of several African villages

The articles differ also in their presentation styles. The first is a wide ranging informative discussion of various world problems impacting development going forward. While not minimizing these, the article concludes optimistically that with new technologies and the will, we can move toward a more prosperous, peaceful world. The ideology article is a damning repudiation of the notion that the West knows what is best for developing countries and will run them on that basis.

It is very critical of the idea that poor countries must develop in a straight line to a certain per capita income, and compares the ideology to Marxism which has to keep shifting positions when results don’t match predictions . In contrast to this critical perspective, the final one is a much more balanced observation of a visitor to Sauri, discussing the benefits and problems that

He perceives results from the UN program. Given that the information is provided in only three articles, and therefore cannot be detailed, I have nor reason to believe it is not complete and accurate within these constraints. Of course one must also bear in mind that the ideology article is written from a critical viewpoint, and therefore is slanted to support the argument with no pretence at balance

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