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Professional Development

I have always valued real world experiences over class-based learning. While studying for the CCRN I discovered how much I enjoyed learning. The CCRN showed me that theory is not a long list of facts that need to be memorized, but knowledge that is easily applied to patient care. I gained an in-depth understanding of patients’ problems and began to seek answers to practical questions. Developing an in-depth understanding of patient care is thus my main aim in seeking this masters program. I have extensively been involved in travelling nursing activities that have led to interaction with people of different backgrounds.

The master’s course will aid development of a practical and theoretical understanding of diverse nursing challenges. Moreover, a first hand experience of diversity will help me integrate within the diverse graduate nursing program thus interact with other students and lecturers in a manner that could lead to mutual development. Through this interaction, I will be able to relate my experiences with others thus gain skills and knowledge relating to nursing practice and the society that may be critical in ensuring efficiency in nursing. My professional goal is to be able to practice nursing in a manner that is of good to the society.

This can only be attained by being an advanced nurse and developing both theoretical and practical skills that are important in ensuring that nursing practice is carried out in a manner that is of good to the society. These requires increased interaction with not only patients of diverse conditions bust also professionals and sharing information that could prove important in professional development. The graduate course is therefore an avenue through which I can gain skills that are critical to efficiency in practical nursing and a platform that can be used in ensuring interaction with professionals with diverse experiences.

The skills gained and experiences are important to personal and professional development which is important in ensuring that I effectively apply skills gained in ensuring betterment of lives via nursing practice. Development of critical personal skills like appreciation of diversity and better communication skills is possible in the environment developed by the graduate nursing program which could be vital in seeking my personal goal. I consider determination a leadership strength I am blessed to possess.

Professional nursing in the current environment is so competitive and the requirement placed on nurses makes nursing one of the most stressful professions. Despite what many could consider negative traits displayed by nursing, I always have considered nursing a career worth pursuing. To develop a proper understanding of nursing in the US I have practiced in at least five states and sought professional courses and certification in areas of surgical ICU and advanced support.

Joining travel nursing was mainly motivated by the opportunity that it would provide for meeting experts and dealing with patients suffering from different conditions and of diverse backgrounds. The results have been immeasurably as I have developed a through grasp of multiple procedures in practical nursing and even developed critical personal skills that could prove important in gaining leverage over other professional nurse in practice. I consider my ability to bounce back and not be bogged by failure a vital academic skill. Having received a D+ in mental nursing in sophomore I bounced back to average 3. 69 in GPA.

Practical and theoretical nursing is characterized by lows where these abilities could come in handy. There are some areas of weakness with regards to leadership and academics that I have to improve in. The ability to understand ones weakness is considered a critical success factors in ensuring that challenges and even opportunities are dealt with in a manner that leads to generation of value. I am inquisitive to the extent that I can be considered annoying. This is a habit that may be important in developing an understanding of new principles though it could also strain communication especially if one misinterprets my objectives.

This is a weakness that affects my academics in that I tend to be slow in thinking when there is an option to seek clarification. Such a manifestation may affect the development of cognitive skills that are important in nursing especially in making decisions that may determine the direction one’s life will take. Communication is considered a vital factor in determining the levels of efficiency that leaders can attain in motivating others. My inquisitive nature has the potential of being misinterpreted for over protectiveness and lack of trust for those that work under me.

Such strains affect communication which may reduce my ability as both a team leader and player. Disclosure of patient information is a key contemporary issue in nursing practice. The magnitude of the issue is complicated by the legal and social ramifications that it could have on nurses. Information availability is important in ensuring that decisions made in solving any issue are objective. Owing to the nature of medical practice, dilemmas are unavoidable and nurses sometimes face situations where they have to decide between the social welfare of a patient and his well-being.

There are cases where nurses have been sued for disclosure even if their line of action led to betterment of a patient’s life. Stringent codes of ethics that leave nurses with few lines of action are to blame for the changes relating to disclosure. Ensuring flexibility in options that patients have and basing verdicts relating to disclosure on the levels of objectivity that a nurse’s action displayed is the only way out in ensuring that disclosure is addressed in the best possible way.

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