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The Republic of China

Nanking, the former capital of the Republic of China used to be a place with hundreds of Westerners and native Chinese peacefully living together. When the World War II broke out in the 930s, the Imperial Japanese Army was enraged with their warrior mentality of eliminating the weak races. Unfortunately for the placid lifestyle of the people in Nanking, they became an easy target. In the documentary about the 6-week period of turmoil in Nanking, survivors all had one primary description on the way the Japanese army had treated them – no more than dogs.

Even after decades, the horrorifying memories in the Nanking massacre still haunt and bring tears to the witnesses – both foreigners and natives. Men are typically the frontliners when there is war. Yet, the aftermath falls greatly on the silent victims – the fragile women and innocent children. In the case of Nanking, what happened wasn’t even a war. The residents were taken by surprise by the hovering fighter Japanese planes dropping bombs randomly. The entire area of Nanking were treated like a bomb chute.

According to those who have witnessed the terrifying period, when they look at the sky, all they could see were fire and smoke; and when they look on the ground, all they could see were blood and terror on the faces of their people. And the horrorifying experience didn’t end with bombs and other ammunitions. Women were raped and children were killed. Fathers, husbands and sons could only curse and cry out loud to see their mothers, wives and sisters being abused by the Japanese soldiers.

What happened in Nanking was a perfect description of inhumanity. It is very unfortunate that something so horrible as the Nanking massacre happened in the history of man. A part of history when tthe concept of a true warrior seemed to be more important than the concept of compassion and peace. Hopefully, the stories of the survivors of the massacres become lessons to the present and future generations.

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