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Use of the `N` word

Nigger is word most well-known for its use in a derogatory perspective to denote blacks, and in addition as a familiar slang term, among other perspectives. It is a widespread racial insult. The word is derived from an unbiased background to refer to black people, as a variant of the Spanish and Portuguese Negro, a progeny of the Niger, implying “black” (Pilgrim, 2001; Allen-Taylor, 1998). Different forms of the ‘N’ word existed as early as the 1600s. Despite the fact that it did not start as a disparaging term, it finally took on negative implications.

Kennedy (2002) stated, “We do know, however, that by the end of the first third of the 19th century, [the word] had already become a familiar and influential insult. ” In the USA the word nigger was not always regarded as disparaging, however was instead applied by many as simply indicative of black skin. In the 19th century, there were many uses of the word nigger with no intended negative connotation. In the UK and other parts of the world, the word was generally signified darker skinned peoples in the British Empire, or simply darker-skinned foreigners.

Later as “nigger” started to gain derogatory implications, the word “colored” got reputation as a substitute to “negro” and related terms. Black later became the prevalent term in English in the 1960s, and this remains to the modern times. In the USA this has been replaced somewhat by African American, in any case in politically accepted tradition, although this extensive term does not precisely explain those from other African nations for instance Morocco; this was similar to the term Afro-American that was popular in the 1970s.

However, the word black carried on in extensive utilization as a racial term in the US and is hardly ever viewed as insulting. Now, the vague racism is so powerful that the use of nigger in most places is a societal prohibited. Various American publications will not even print the word in full, instead using the ‘N’ word. Use of ‘N’ Word: An Introduction Some time ago the ‘N’ word was regarded as despicable by almost everybody. The word has experienced great variations, thus further dividing and mystifying the ethnic groups.

Use of the ‘N’ word was so common in the media and American journalism, in addition to by white society for example the White Citizens Council, and amongst aristocracy and working-class, officials, and even Supreme Court justices that, for many whites of authority to call blacks as the ‘N’ word was a harmless indulgence. Several young blacks as well as some young whites more and more use the ‘N’ word as a mark of amity. However application of the word is dangerous in a mixed-race group and also among acquaintances.

Some African-Americans who use the word say whites never should, which perplexes some whites who consider it as a double standard. Moreover sociable use of “nigga” offends many older blacks, who are familiar with the anguish and degradation that “nigger” has brought. Young people In various places, younger African-Americans name each other the ‘N’ word. In the black communities, ‘N’ word is like a nickname. They use it as a manner to talk with each other.

Yet in a survey of people black and white, it was found that it is still commonly used in its malicious form, and it remains repulsive to many. Many blacks are of the view that there’s a big difference between saying “nigga” and “nigger. ” When “nigger” is spoken, they say there is no misinterpretation that it’s meant to humiliate. However the aptitude to alter a traditionally humiliating word, and make it a sociable word among peers signifies a friendship among blacks and success of the word’s potential and sting.

‘N’ Word: An Analysis In accordance with Harvard law Professor Randall Kennedy, who wrote about the ‘N’ word that it was not possible to assert with certainty that when the ‘N’ word was started as an insult as it inevitably caused more anguish than other racial description. In summation, although, the ‘N’ word was and had long been the most generally significant racial slur. In Fences Wilson makes use of Troy’s familiarity with the Negro Leagues to show that the American vision was improbable for people of African lineage.

Troy’s endeavor to stop his son from playing football can be judged as a type of racial absurdity that implies that socio-political dynamics can influence the black psychology and that many years of subjugation can bring on a communal obsession. At present, the use of the ‘N’ word has created a cause of concern for various people. Since the term is usually employed by various Blacks and still by some non-blacks, many teachers still do not know if they should allow students, especially blacks, to use it in classrooms.

The difficulty is added by the fact that, simply as the usage of the word is insulting to many blacks it is also nasty to some whites too. For instance, in training that was carried out for three high schools, a white high school teacher recounted that he and his wife kept depressing memories that were linked with the usage of ‘N’ word throughout civil rights period. Therefore when blacks use it in class these teachers become very uneasy and were uncertain how to continue.

Certainly, other whites who judge that they are progressive and non-racist, or who have vigorously battled to develop socio-economic conditions for blacks, might think the same way. References Allen-Taylor, J. Douglas. (1998). “The Word ‘Nigger’” Metroactive News & Issues. April. Kennedy, Randall (2002). “Nigger: The Strange Career of a Troublesome Word” New York: Pantheon Books. Pilgrim, David. (September 2001). “Nigger and Caricatures”.

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