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Vietnam War

In my opinion the younger, Vietnamese generation do not care as much about the past wars for several reasons. Firstly they are too young to remember; the majority of the younger generation were born after the war, therefore they do not have any relative feelings towards the War. If asked to talk about the Vietnam War, they do not have much information for discussion and so I believe this is one reason for not caring about the past and the War.. Secondly, In Vietnam there are few books that teach about the Vietnam War or history books about war.

Therefore the younger generation do not have much information or sources if they want to try and find out about the past, gradually, they will forget about war. Thirdly, families nowadays in Vietnam want better lives than the older generation. The economy is the first and foremost thing that they care about; they only care about war if they have better lives first, but I think there is time for every Vietnamese to have good lives and for a long time; maybe 5 or 10 years more from now.

Furthermore today there are a lot of Vietnamese students who study other countries aside from Vietnam; such as Singapore, England, and USA therefore their idea of war is totally different from the way their parents, grandparents (older generations) consider war. If there is a debate about one aspect of war, I am sure that there will be two ideas that are totally opposite to each other between the young and old generations.

It is much better that the young generation do not want to touch on that topic, because if the bad things happen, they could fight each other, and that is one thing the younger generation do not want. They want to respect their parents and grandparents more than a debate and they know that it is really hard for them to accept the ideas of older generations. As a result, they do not want to touch on that topic, because it is the best way to keep their respect toward their old generations, and avoid arguments within the family.

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