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Why I Chose Health Care As A Career

Health care is a very noble profession that focuses more on providing comfort to the sick, empathizing with, helping individuals and families cope and deal with different situation of life. My personal experience in life has inspired me to give back to the community that has helped me at my time of need. I struggled with alcoholism and drug addiction for a period of 2 years. This was due to the fact that I got involved with an abusive and drug addicted boyfriend. We all make mistakes and wrong decisions however, there is such a thing as getting a second chance in life.

Picking up the pieces and starting over was definitely a huge leap for me. It is truly a true test of character, discipline and will power. I wouldn’t have survived if it weren’t for the all the help, support and encouragement I got from all the agencies to initially leave my abusive boyfriend and go though the rehabilitation process. Going through extensive rehabilitation was my biggest challenge. But, I went through with it and have managed to stay clean for 2 years before I went to work in haemodialysis. I love helping people and was usually the one being called on to.

After seeing that my hard work and extra effort of getting to know the patient and providing comfort to them in their time of pain and medical suffering are deeply appreciated, I became truly inspired to continue on and pursue a career in health care. I went on to attend nursing school at a rather inopportune time because; my family needed me to be there for them hence, I wasn’t able to finish. My family may be my first priority but I still needed to find ways to help those in need the same way others took time to help me at a critical phase in my life so, I got involved with the community.

After sometime of working with the community, I thought about taking up psychology so I could be more effective, however, it was my psychotherapist who suggested that I should go into social work and attend social work school instead because I had every potential to succeed in this area. I had to re-evaluate my situation. I have taken most of the prerequisite courses when I was starting out with my nursing degree plus I am a proud mother of 2 daughters who are now 15 and 8. I discussed what I am hoping to achieve with them together with the consequences that we need to face if I go through with it.

My family now truly understands what I am trying to do and achieve. They have given me even more encouragement to push through my journey to hit my goals. I will work hard to complete a BSW degree, because I know this is the best way I could give back to the community, I will continue on to get a Masters degree and work to establish a non-profit organization home to help victims of domestic violence, drug abusers and the like. Should this all work out, I hope to earn a title of being the spokesperson for the community. After all, I am a living proof that it is possible to get a second chance in life and I would pay it forward.

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