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Zen tradition

In this piece I decided to explain paragraph three on page two. The paragraph explains a lot about the bodymind and using it to observe phenomena in a way that gives deeper understanding to the observation. The paragraph also tells about the application of the Zen tradition. When one uses the bodymind and applies inquiry with the Zen tradition it becomes possible to not only see all the different aspects of phenomena but to truly understand the phenomena. The paragraph explains how a person can see a situation but at the same time not really see it at all.

In some cases when we look at something all we really see is the outward appearance. If we look at the situation and consider the circumstances we then have the ability to understand all things surrounding the situation. In many circumstances, when we examine a situation or object we find that it isn’t always what we initially thought it to be. When we take a closer look at something we can also see all of the hidden aspects of the situation or object. In many circumstances, the events or objects observed on the surface are just a small part of the whole being. This is explained in the paragraph through the use of the ocean.

On the surface all that you can see is the water. If you observe the ocean better you come to realize that the surface of the water is actually a very small part of the whole that makes up the ocean. Overall, I think that this paragraph is saying that one should never take something at face value. True understanding and enlightenment is only obtainable when one looks at every aspect of a situation or phenomena. We can not fully understand something by just observing with our eyes. When observation is done only on the surface and with the eyes we can become disillusioned.

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