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Сurrently experiencing

Today’s modern society complains of how the government has failed to heal the recession, about how big, bad banks reward their executives for getting us into so much debt, about how corporations take advantage of the unwary consumer into buying products they don’t need; and others even blame illegal immigrants of ruining the economy. These and other external causes are what people hold culpable to the problems many Americans are now experiencing.

The question, however, is, are these blames correct? Or is there another reason for this? President Obama may have yet to deliver on his promise of bringing America out of the mire, but he did say one thing something very agreeable: to change the country, we must change ourselves. While it is true that government policies and corporate greed have contributed to the matter, it is important to note that there is another cause for the recession that we are currently experiencing.

California had tried to warn its constituents that their savings rates are in an all-time low before the recession, but much in the same way as people did not listen to the warnings of Noah before the flood came, people continued to buy houses and other items on credit relying on their ability to pay in the future over a long period of time. Some, however, end up being unable to pay and the vicious cycle snowballed into the economic depression that we are now experiencing.

The position I am taking is not one that is popular since I am hammering on the lack of discipline and self-control of Americans, most especially in our consumerist and materialist attitudes. In this day and age, self-control and discipline are antiquated and un-cool words especially to a society who strives to “keep up with the Jonses. ” What we really need right now is to throw away the attitude of wanting more than what we need and develop the outlook of living within our means.

It’s about time that we realize that materialism is the antiquated model that we need to remove in our lives. If not, sure as dusk, the sun will set on America’s strength, power and wealth, especially considering the growing economies of other countries and, more importantly, our country’s debts that are even more inflated than our own personal debts.

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