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A Perfect Pace for Learning

The most optimal time in instilling the importance of education is during the childhood years. It is during these years that a child is able to learn the habits that will greatly aid him as he pursues higher levels of education, such as his affinity for reading, his self exploration of reasons behind the presented facts, and in his development of a need for knowledge. With these reasons, it has been my life’s mission to make significant contributions for the advancement of children’s academic preparedness, as they are the generation that will inherit all that we have achieved in our limited timeframe as captains of humanity’s future.

My life experiences had prepared me to face challenges that are prevailing in the society, specifically of the diversity in urban cultures. As a volunteer at a day care center for preschoolers, my views had been opened with the reality that is existent among the different sectors that comprise the different socio-economic strata. Likewise, I have been benefited with the expertise in handling three to eight year old children, as I taught for four years, the subjects of Math and Reading at Kumon Learning Center.

These teaching experiences had not only given me the necessary training, but more significantly, had awakened in me a realization that children must be taught in their early years, the importance of education. It is my belief that a learning environment such as a classroom, in order to be highly effective, must possess of characteristics that allow for the integration of teachers and students.

The lines separating the two roles must be moderated, such that it results in a more democratic form of tutoring. This method will allow the students to be more conversant; to express themselves without the fear of being ridiculed, as they will be aware that their contribution has its own significance in the entirety of the lesson. Needles to say, racial, religious, and gender biases must also be negated for the classroom environment to be truly exhibiting of an ideal place for learning.

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